by Scott Hogle on June 13, 2022

And God blessed Noah and his sons and said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth. Genesis 9:1

Groundhog day is okay. If the words of this scripture sound familiar, it is because they are. God said similar words to Adam and Eve in the garden, but things did not go as planned. Instead of filling the earth with righteousness, it would be filled with evil to the point where ‘every inclination in the heart of man was towards evil’, so God had to start over. There are many times in history where God does a DO-OVER with man, where God gives his children a choice to START-OVER. In God’s foreknowledge, He anticipates our mistakes and encourages us to fail-forward. This means to learn from your mistake and try again. You only fail when you stop trying. God doesn’t give up you, make sure you don’t give up on you. Here are a few examples of Bible hero’s that also experienced DO-OVERS in their life.

  • Moses was called to deliver Israel form Egypt but took matters into his own hands and killed an Egyptian, which delayed God’s plans of deliverance forty years. Then God approached Moses and gave him a DO-OVER.
  • King David sinned with Bathsheba yet God forgave him and gave him a DO-OVER. After the first child died, God gave them Solomon as a son and the scripture says, ‘God loved him’.

Jesus would live a sinless life and leave us an example of how to live yet we still fail at times. It is God’s will that you keep trying and not give up on yourself or Him. Life will feel like the movie ‘Groundhog’ day from time to time. Each new day presents a fresh opportunity to get it right, so keep trying and give God time to work.


  • What have you failed at before that it took you a while to correct?
  • What are you struggling with now you’d like God to help you with?
  • Is there a new habit you’d like to start or stop you can bring to God in prayer?

Principle: The DO-OVER is the reoccurring theme in life, God built-in multiple chances so you could eventually get it right, don’t quit.


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