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Building Update - Summer 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the $ goal for the Building Initiative?

$8.5 Million (includes contingency funds)

Why are there two phases for the Building Initiative?

Our first phase, “Walk of Faith” was a successful campaign. The second phase, “Future + Hope” enabled new members to participate, as well as members who were not able to participate in “Walk of Faith.” We continue to welcome donors that would like to participate in phase 2 as we look to meeting our total goal.

Will those who donate to the Building Initiative be acknowledged?

Yes, depending on when donors make their pledge, the amount of the pledge, and when they fulfill their pledge; will either be recognized with a Legacy Tile ($2,400), Foundational Tile ($10,000) or be listed on the “Wall of Gratefulness."

What will the new building have?

There are several phases to the Building Project:

  • Makai Parking Lot Paving (Completed)
  • The Mauka Annex Meeting Rooms (Completed)
  • New Entrance & Lobby (Completed)
  • Fire Sprinkler Retrofit & Upgrade (Completed)
  • New Hope Cafe & Coffee (Completed)
  • New Bookstore (Completed)
  • New Mezzanine Balcony (In progress)
  • Demolition of the Annex (In progress)
  • New Three Level Parking Structure (232 stalls, In progress)

Is there a Building Committee?

Yes, we have a Building Committee comprised of engineers, contractors, planning & permitting experts, property managers, operations people, and the general contractor.

When will construction start and end?

  • The Makai Parking Lot has been paved. Now known as Makai Parking Lot
  • Construction of the new Ministry Center entrance, coffee shop, cafe, and bookstore has been completed.
  • Fire Sprinkler Retrofit & Upgrade has been completed.
  • Demolition of the annex is in progress.
  • Building of new parking structure is in progress. Final permitting in progress. Demolition and excavation work through fall of 2020. Drill shafts, structure, and finish work - Jan 2021 through June 2022.

Note: We have no control over the permitting process.

Where are we at in the permitting process?

The Environmental Assessment phase is in the “Public Comment Phase” which ends August 31st, 2020. The Shoreline Management Assessment will then be composed, which will enable the project to be presented to the City Council for voting and approval. The final permit should be issued shortly thereafter.

1. Total Amount Needed to Complete Project: $8,500,000 Including contingency funds

2. Total Cash In Building Restricted Account: $7,600,000

3. Total Pledges Anticipated (If all pledges are fulfilled): $500,000

3. Total Amount Need to Bridge the Gap in Funding: $400,000

Is there a master plan?

Yes. For additional information please contact John Tilton at

How can I help?

We are seeking additional donations to meet our total fundraising goal which includes contingency funds. Donations would be highly appreciated. Prayers for the permitting process and a smooth construction process would be a blessing.

Who do I call if I have questions?

Contact Pastor John Tilton, Campus Pastor (808) 842-4242 x155, or

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