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by Fred Alcain on September 29, 2023


"So he said to me, “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty." Zechariah 4:6



I love alpha athletes.  The ones who say, “give me the ball and get outta my way”.  Guys like Kobe and Brady have been become heroes of mine for their tenacity and propensity to power through regardless of the deficit and opposition.  Torn achilles, suck it up and sink the free throws. Down by 7 with 1 minute to go, just hike the ball and watch me work.


I’ve taken that mindset to heart in so many areas of my life, but as the years past and the bodies on the field accumulate, I’ve been made painfully aware that God doesn’t require my power, but request of me my prayers.



While I mostly try to glance over mainstream/pop verses like this, opting instead for the obscure text to read me as I read it, God has given me the exact reminder I need at this exact point of my life and ministry.  It’s not by power, nor by might, but only through the Spirit.  For too long I’ve relied on my strength, my work and my will.  Yes, my purpose remained pure and the source of my action was to honor the Father, but instead of asking for His spirit to come alongside my efforting, I instead call for the ball, put my head down and charge the line.  How much more effective would my life be if I only asked the Spirit of God:


  1. What do you want me to do?


  1. How can I come alongside what You’re already doing.


When I humbly pause to ask those two things, I allow the the Spirit to lead me.  And that’s something worthy of putting every ounce of energy and enthusiasm to.  His Spirit is greater than my strength.



I can’t muscle it through anymore.  I don’t have the stamina or the energy really.  God, I need your Spirit to direct, lead and power me through.  My solutions are irrelevant and fleeting without Your presence.  My power is phony without your Spirit.  May Your Spirit always rule over my strength.  Amen


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