Short-Lived Influence

by Richard Waialeale on April 01, 2021


Judges 12:7-Jephthah led Israel six years. Then Jephthah the Gileadite died, and was buried in a town in Gilead."


After Jephthah died, there were a number of judges that followed in the next 25 years. Each one's rule or judge was short-lived, just like their influence and reputation. The chapters that follow show me that once they died, Israel immediately did evil in God’s sight. In other words, Israel’s influence on those judges died when they did. I believe for two reasons: diminishing vision and growing pride.  

Even with the church today. When a leader's vision shrinks, so does his or her influence. The smaller the vision, the smaller the influence. These leaders attempted no great things for God because they saw no great things from God.


It’s been said that the measure of spiritual maturity is the length of time a person (or we) can't wait between maturity and achieving ministry success and being recognized for it. The moment I start to seek promotion, I will no longer be seeking God but thinking and doing leadership on my own. I read in Judges when each of these Judges died, the entire nation went sideways and like the Bible says, did evil in God’s sight. For me, I feel like this is my in-between time, from one leader to the next. Stay close to Jesus, be in His Word daily, and pray for the leaders and the church. Pray that we will preach God’s Word the way we used to and the way pastor Wayne taught us and learn from our mistakes of straying too far. Keep Jesus simple and Glorify God through Christ. Meaning we point everything to Him.


Father, I pray that this Easter all the Glory be Yours for the salvation of those that are seeking You. Help me speak Your Word in Your church for Your people, in Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

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