Seek and Surrender

by Fred Alcain on April 19, 2024


But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.
Matthew 6:33


As I continue to seek Him and His righteousness, He promises to provide and is faithful to follow through.  His part is safe and secure.  My part, to seek and surrender, could use some work.

Jesus continues His sermon and starts this part by telling them to not worry.  Now, when I worry my first inclination is to lean on my understanding, not seek first His kingdom.  My action is usually strategy when it should be surrender.  If my part is to seek and surrender then I need to have a couple things in order:

  1. Have a clear and realistic understanding of what His provision means, what are the “things that will be given”.  When God says He will provide, He will provide.  It doesn’t mean I’ll always get my way, or that the desired outcome will be reached.  His provision means that I’m cared for not coddled, kept safe not spoiled.
  2. Seek Him in not only the big things, but the not so big things.  He wants all of my heart, not just the part of me that is unsure of what to do.  He want’s my heart when I’m confident and cocky as much as when I’m weak and whiny, even more so on the former. A total reliance on Him and His power means He has it all.
  3. Be diligent to know His voice.  That only comes through time with Him, complete devotion to Him and discipline to cut the chatter in my head to lock in onto what He is saying.


We have the potential to change the world if we only release our fears and our confidence to the One who promises to “give all things to those who seek Him,” and a gift of “all things” from the Father far outdoes any idea of success we can imagine or dream of.


As I seek You first Jesus, I pray you open my eyes wide to see you, empower my ears to hear You, and grant me to courage to follow You. Amen


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