Scar Tissue

by Fred Alcain on March 03, 2023


“But if you do not drive out the inhabitants of the land, those you allow to remain will become barbs in your eyes and thorns in your sides. They will give you trouble in the land where you will live. And then I will do to you what I plan to do to them.” (Numbers 33:55-56)


The end of my football career happened in the 8th grade.  Someone blinded sided me and broke my collarbone.  From that moment, two life-changing things happened. 1) my grandparents would no longer sign the consent form for me to play football in fear of further injury; thus ending my quest to be in the NFL; 2) to this day my shoulder still bothers me at times.  

Why?  A few years after the injury my doctor suggested a surgery to clean up some of the scar tissue that remained in the area.  I declined at the time because I felt fine, but little did I know that leaving those remnants of the injury and surgery there would result in an irritating and annoying pain that I carry til this day.  Yes, the doctor warned me of this, but in my rush to carry on, what would’ve been a simple procedure has turned into a life-long reminder of the injury and my impatience.


God’s commands are pretty clear.  He commanded Moses to get rid of everything, people, objects, EVERYTHING.  If he failed to do so than God “planned to do to Israelites the same thing he had planned for the Canaanites.”  This purging of the land of Canaan was the only way that Moses and the people of Israel would fully inherit the land.

When I decided to forgo the follow-up procedure to my shoulder I left to chance that the injury would not fully heal.  While everything seemed fine at the moment, not “driving out” every last remnant of the injury resulted in the injury rising again.  Like the gardener that says “you gotta pull out the root of the weed in order for the weed to be gone”, the only way to fully move forward from a setback or overcome an opposition is to fully remove it, get rid of it completely.  

By destroying everything Canaan, Moses ensured God’s blessing and anointing over their occupation of the Promised Land. He also safe guarded his people from being swayed by the ways and practices of the land’s previous occupants.  And as he saw for years upon years in the desert, the people of Israel were easily swayed, quick to compare and complain.

If I’m to continue in forward movement in my pursuit of Jesus and Christlikeness I cannot leave any trash remaining.  I need to be sure everything not of God is clear and gone away; removed, never to be seen or heard of again. Even if in the moment I feel fine and focused, even the littlest of “scar tissue” can come back to trample and torment me.


Jesus, Your grace is too amazing.  Your blessing is without ceasing.  Your love is everlasting.  Why would I ever look back.  I lay it all down at Your feet and cling to Your perfect plan and unconditional love.  Amen


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