Listen + Obey

by Fred Alcain on August 12, 2022


"For I solemnly warned your fathers…warning persistently, saying, 'Listen to My voice.' Yet they did not obey or incline their ear, but walked, each one, in the stubbornness of his evil heart." (Jeremiah 11: 7, 8)

"I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may be with you forever; that is the Spirit of truth..." (John 14:16)


It happens all the time...the calm voice that speaks and offers an option to what my default settings want to do.  It’s the voice that says give that guy with the cardboard sign a dollar even though he’s been working that intersection the past 10 years.  The voice that says speak restoration into this situation not correction.  The one that encourages me to help others regardless of what they’ve done or can do for me.

I believe the Holy Spirit is active in my life.  Like Jesus said, my helper when my thoughts and actions stray from His truth.  I believe he’s saved me from many conflicts and blessed me with opportunities to bless.  Right now, it shames me to think of the many times I’ve chosen not to listen and disobeyed His direction, sometimes outright ignoring Him completely.   


While listening is important, the only acceptable response to a prompting of the Holy Spirit is obedience.  While I don’t want to stop and give Mr. Wendal a dollar, if the Holy Spirit says so, just do it.  When I’m prompted to give an encouraging word, although I prefer to do the opposite, I need to obey and do as the Father asked through His Holy Spirit.

Where good ole’ common morality will always point me in the direction I should go in terms of living an acceptable existence as an earth inhabitant, without my “helper”, the Holy Spirit, Jesus’ voice, my God’s divine interruptions, I’m simply making good life choices rather than choosing to represent my King to the fullness He requires and deserves.  Only when my ear is fully inclined to not just listen, but to OBEY, do I honor the gift of the Holy Spirit and walk away from the normal stubbornness of my heart.


Jesus, help!  May I hear Your voice and the promptings of Your Holy Spirit above the chatter and noise of this world. Amen


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