Just & Fair

by John Tilton on February 12, 2024


"Do not pervert justice; do not show partiality to the poor or favoritism to the great, but judge your neighbor fairly.”
Leviticus 19:15



After setting in place the sacrificial system, God then begins to teach the people how to live a life of forgiveness with obedience so that they would be pleasing to God.  In this one verse God instructs the people of Israel to be just by acting in a fair and impartial way to others; and that they would not treat the poor or rich different, but to treat all fairly.  It’s very interesting that God would instruct this being that slavery was an integral and common part of society in those times.  We also recall that those with titles, rank, position and wealth were treated with the utmost respect and favor.  What was God saying then?  He was instructing the people to treat people with fairness rather than who they are in terms of position, status, and wealth.


This scripture is a great reminder to me as a pastor and leader.  Do I show partiality to those that are closer to me, those that can be of benefit to me or my ministry; or those that have rank, title, position or celebrity status?  I always go back to my mom’s old saying of “the law of the land is self-preservation.”  Am I guilty at times of thinking of self?  Have I gone out of my way to spend time and conversation with those that work into my plans and aspirations?  As a leader, I know that with people, more is caught than taught; and more is concluded by observation rather then words.  What example am I setting as a leader in terms of having the character of being just and fair where people respect and receive my instruction, direction, counsel, and words?



Lord, thank you for checking my spirit today for the mantle you’ve give me as a husband, father, pastor, leader, and prayerfully a man after your heart.  Thus, I pray that you will impart in me a spirit of justice and fairness in how I treat, lead, love, and shepherd those that I have the honor to lead and influence. May I be mindful to have a heart that seeks the benefit of others rather than self. May I have a heart to see and love people as Christ sees them.


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