God Send's A Friend

by Richard Waialeale on May 06, 2021


2 Samuel 12:1-Then the LORD sent Nathan to David..."


What’s interesting about the opening of this chapter is God didn’t send an enemy of David to talk to him about his sin. He sent a friend. This seems to be the most common way of the Lord. When He has a word of correction to bring us, inevitably it will be by someone who has a heart for us. 

Conversely, unless my heart is filled with compassion and love for the person I am about to correct, it's probably not my responsibility to correct him.


In the New Testament, as Jesus arrived at the Upper Room, He found His disciples arguing with each other concerning who was the greatest among them. He also noticed that their feet were dirty. Instead of chastising them for arguing, He girded Himself with a towel and washed their feet. In the same way, I have no right to point out the dirt on other peoples’ feet unless I’m willing to wash them myself—time and again. Nathan, evidently, was such a man. The lesson for me is - I am called to love, not to judge.


Lord what You have shown me in just this short, opening statement of scripture is so important to remember that I must refuse to judge people, unless I am first, willing to love them. That is why relationships are so important in ministry. I can only build those relationships by seeing people as You see them Lord, and loving them as You love them. In Jesus Name I Pray. Amen.

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