Do you bow at the work of your hands?

by Gavin Tsuda on July 10, 2022


“I will eliminate your carved images And your memorial stones from among you, So that you will no longer bow down To the work of your hands." (Micah 5:13)


Time and time again the Israelites bowed to graven images that they created. Before Israel and Judah are restored, Micah prophecies that they will be ransacked by foreigners, their cities destroyed, and their people taken into exile. The temple will eventually be restored, but then there will be 400 years of silence during the intertestamental period where first the Greeks then the Romans will rule. Micah predicts the arrival of the Messiah from the tribe of Judah, and the establishment of the Church.


It is easy to find graven images today. False religions are rampant and widely accepted in society. Many of these false religions are fiercely defended as cultural practices which are protected under the rule of law. Even as believers, we can have graven images. What?! Do we really bow down to idols, or things that we have made with our own hands? Yes we can. We need to look no further than things that we can place on the altar in place of God. For some, it may be our career or business that can be more important than God. For others it could even be a relationship or spouse that we place on the altar. Many even place their politics above God (ouch!). Whatever we have invested our time, talent, and riches to support and develop has a danger of displacing our God from the altar. We don't have to abandon our careers, our families, or other things of importance in our lives, but they cannot take first seat in our hearts. For some, it may be a season of laying down sacred cows in our lives. For others, it may mean a reprioritization of things in our lives. Whatever it is, let's take a moment to reevaluate where God resides in our lives.


Lord Jesus, as for me and my house we will serve you above all else. We lay down all things, all relationships, and all accomplishments in our lives at your altar as a burnt offering to you. There is nothing that compares to you, and there is nothing of higher priority than you and your will. Let me continue to walk in a way that is pleasing to you. In Jesus name, amen.


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