by Fred Alcain on September 16, 2022


The man said to me, 'Son of man, look carefully and listen closely and pay attention to everything I am going to show you, for that is why you have been brought here. Tell the people of Israel everything you see.' ” (Ezekiel 40:4)


One of my favorite shows currently on ESPN is “Details”.  It features experts of the game who also happen to be my all-time favorite athletes in their respective sports, Kobe and Peyton Manning.  The premise of the show is these geniuses break down game film, critiquing every play, giving the viewer a clear and concise look at the details of the game.  Every bit, not just the scoring play, but all the little things that got the team or player there.  One of their go to phrases go something like, “everyone sees the win, no one pays attention to all the little things that got the win.”

These chapters of Ezekiel can get pretty overwhelming with stats and information.  It plays out like a geometry equation with measurements upon measurements, or a geography lesson on where everything is located on the map.  But, when I get over my distaste for the numbers and confusion with the locations, I realize the details matter.  It wouldn’t be in the Word if it didn’t.  Every cubit and handbreadth, every alcove and gate, it all matters because we serve a God of order.  


All we need to do is look at the beginning, Genesis.  God didn’t say “boom” and then everything was created.  He ordered his creating, specific and purposeful in every detail.  I’m sure He could have put on His Infinity Gauntlet and snap His fingers, but instead He chose to pay attention to the details, carefully crafting creation one step at a time.

The lesson here for me is that nothing of value or worth can be taken lightly.  It needs to prayed up, planned out, and then performed.  There’s danger in thinking we can just wing it an make it happen; when we do we put reliance on self rather than the Savior.  By giving honor to the details, we give honor to the One Who we claim to be doing it for.  We can’t say “God is worthy of our very best” and then just show up.   


Jesus, we need you to intervene in our minds and hearts.  Only You can transform our thinking.  Planning better won’t do it.  The latest organizing app won’t fix it.  Over-communication just over-complicates.  I believe You can work within us to make the good intentions of our hearts align to our actions.  May it start with me. Amen


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