by Scott Hogle on September 12, 2022

This day I will begin to put the dread and fear of you upon the peoples everywhere under the heavens, who, when they hear the report of you, will tremble and be in anguish because of you.’ The LORD said to me, ‘See, (God telling them to look) I have begun to deliver Sihon and his land over to you. Begin to occupy, that you may possess his land.’ Deuteronomy 2:25+ 31

What are you contending for in your career? God blessed the conquest of Canna, yet Israel had to contend for every square inch. Building a dream, taking territory, and walking out a God given vision requires heavy lifting.

It takes more energy to get an airplane off the ground than it does to keep it flying in the air. It has been my experience that when starting a new job, project, or launching a vision, that its success will require a larger than usually burst of energy, hours, commitment, investment, etc. When you are in the process of taking territory and then occupying and expanding, there is often a process of clearing out of the old, transitioning into the new, building new structure and systems, and coaching people along the way to stay the course.  For every new job or area of responsibility I have taken, this has been true.  

God can miraculously open doors for your career, promotion, or new company yet it is you who must complete the conquest of ‘Your Canaan’ for the new season and territory God wants you to move into. You may need to acquire new skills for the work ahead, embrace new team members not of your choice like David did (those in distress and debt), and work day and night for the first year or two. That is what building, surviving, and getting new vision off the ground often looks like. Thanks be to God you will not be building alone. Regardless of the difficulty, remember that the heavy lifting you are experiencing and the struggles you are facing are actually the working materials God is using to build something new in you.


  1. What is the last career conquest God put on your heart?
  2. What might God be wanting you to build in this next season?
  3. Is there a dream in your past God may want to resurrect?

Principle: While you are building success in your career, God is using the struggles along the way to build in you His stamina, strength of character, and the image of His son.


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