At The Proper Times

by Justin Smith on September 15, 2021


“The eyes of all look to you, and you give them their food at the proper time." (Psalm 145:15) 


I've been a husband and father for about 14 years now, and the more time passes the more I realize how much I need Jesus! I know this merely starting the obvious, but when I was young and single I found pride in having my life together. I had a good job, a nice car, a few close friends, and I was independent, self-reliant, and thought I knew it all. Boy, was I wrong and immature! It didn't take long before reality caught up to me, and i was face to face with my lack. How do I love my wife sacrificially like Christ asks, how do I protect my family and keep them from harm, how do I train my kids so they don't go sideways, how do I pay the bills and provide for their needs and wants, and how can I make sure I'm enough for them? The sobering answer to all of those questions is, "I can't" ! And that's scary for someone who likes to be in control. So what was I to do? This is where the comforting message of Psalm 145:15 brings peace to my heart: "The eyes of all look to you, and you give them their food at the proper time." 

This is David's psalm of praise to God as he honors God for His faithfulness, sovereignty, power, and goodness, and verse 15 focuses in on how He PROVIDES for all that look to Him. In essence, for anyone that doesn't look to their own abilities, their own strategies, or to any earthly means but trusts in God and seeks His provision, He promises to meet every need. It's His provision, His way...and in His time. Notice, it doesn't say that He gives them their food when they want it, or when they ask, or when they think it's best, but "at the proper time". There's humility in looking to Him, humility in trusting His way, and humility in patiently waiting for His timing. Beyond that, God's power is shown in His providing, God's love is shown through His way, and God's wisdom and sovereignty are shown in His timing.  


I truly believe this principle is even greater than just daily food. If I look to God He will give me...the food, the wisdom, the love, the understanding, the provision, the anointing...everything I need to lead my family. He is the answer to every question I asked. How do I love my wife sacrificially? Look to God and He will guide and provide. How do I train my kids? Look to God and He will guide and provide. How do I pay the bills? Look to God and He will guide and provide. The answer rings true, the principle rings true, the promises stands for every bit of my lack. 

If I humbly seek and trust He will provide for every need at the proper time.

So don't get impatient, don't doubt, don't waver in faith, because His promises will come at the perfect/proper time! If you've been asking, if you've been seeking, if you've been praying be encouraged that God's perfect answer, His perfect way, is coming at the perfect time! 


Jesus, please forgive me for not always surrendering to Your perfect provision, in Your perfect way at the perfect time. Forgive me for my pride that had me, thinking I knew what was best, and please grant me more faith, more patience, and more submission. I give You this day, and I rejoice knowing that You've got me! In Your name, Amen.



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