Stewards R Us

by Wayne Cordeiro on February 15, 2021

Today's Reading:
Leviticus 25; Psalms 25,26; Acts 22


“The land moreover shall not be sold permanently for the land is Mine, for you are but aliens and sojourners with Me.” (Leviticus 25:23)


All of the calculations on property: not charging of interest, caring for the slaves, the freedom, and forgiving of debts according to the year of the Jubilee are all reminders of the same thing — we are only passing through! We are stewards, not owners; lessees, not lessors.


Everything I do: transactions I make, things I purchase, and even the relationships I have are all to be made in light of – 

  • Who I am 
  • The amount of time I have left on this earth, and …
  • Its effect on my commission while on this earth. 

This helps me to keep the big picture. Why? Because my life on this earth will not last forever! I will give an account one day, therefore, I must steward well the years I have left. I can prepare for the next generation like David did for Solomon, but I myself must serve God in this generation. We find this sentiment in Acts 13:36 — “For David, after he had served the purposes of God in his generation, fell asleep and was laid among his fathers …”


Father, thank You for reminding us that we are sojourners merely passing through and that we are stewards, not owners. Our life is fleeting, and I will not be measured by what I accumulated in life, but rather by how I invested my life. Help me to keep the big picture in mind. Thank You for Your eyes and Your perspective, and give us Your wisdom for the days ahead. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

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