Pain Is An Ally

by Wayne Cordeiro on June 01, 2021

Today's Reading:
1 Chronicles 14,15; Psalm 132; Matthew 18


“Stripes that wound scour away evil and strokes reach the innermost parts.” (Proverbs 20:30)


Here in Proverbs, over and over we find the instructions of God for our lives. And specifically, today it reminds us to see challenges and problems as an ally, a friend, and helper. Yes, the wound will temporarily hurt, and you will need to cover it with a washed fabric, but as you heal … (and you will) … you cannot let bitterness, self-condemnation, worry, fear, blame, or any other common bacteria set in! Sometimes you will need to apply a generous dose of an antibacterial to ensure that none of that sets in.


With spiritual and emotional wounds, we require the cleansing power of God. And when you mend, if you will keep bacteria out, you will find a new level of knowledge and strength. Proverbs says, “Stripes that wound “scour” away evil.” The first thing I have to do is to let this scour any evil in me. 

  • This will identify any insecurities.
  • Identify any area that’s yet weak in me that’s vulnerable to being offended. 
  • What area of my character has been left unguarded that it can be so open to offense? 
    • Am I insecure? 
    • Am I easily prone to being upset? 
    • Am I proud? Need for control? Need for recognition? Jealousy? 

I must let the wounds do what it’s supposed to do which is the scouring away evil! These strokes will reach the innermost parts because often these evils are in our innermost parts!


Father, I pray that I will let pain do its primary work of scrubbing my heart. I pray that You would use these instances to grow me in my faith and character.  

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