Justice And Righteousness

by Wayne Cordeiro on May 04, 2021

Today's Reading:
2 Samuel 8,9; 1 Chronicles 18,19; Matthew 21


“Then he put garrisons in Edom, and all the Edomites became servants to David. And the Lord helped David wherever he went. So David reigned over all Israel; and he administered justice and righteousness for all his people.” (1 Chronicles 18:13-14)


It doesn’t compute, not according to modern-day calculations. It just doesn’t add up. David had just conquered the Moabites and finished off the Edomites; yet, he is defined as a man who reigned with “justice and righteousness.” That statement would draw a hot debate in today’s colleges and millennial discussion groups. But here, we find that “justice and righteousness” don’t necessarily mean parity and political fairness. It doesn’t mean partisan equality for all involved. Instead, it required bravery, valiant courage, and keen judgment. It is not gullibility; neither does it allow insecurity to drive its decisions. It does not allow the agenda to be driven by the most easily offended or those who want to control the narrative. Justice and righteousness see through the common media spins.


I must learn how to administer justice and righteousness. It will require much of me. I will need to read more, study and research, and fill my mind with leadership principles. I must be a clear thinker and maintain a heart of integrity with skillful hands. There will be times when spiritual warfare will be waged and I must stand fast. Many will take issue and disagree, but I must see the ways of God and having done all, to stand! 


Father, please teach me Your ways! I cannot settle for the easy-to-swallow pills that the world offers. It promises a painless existence, but that is not what You have called us to. Help me to understand Your ways through Your Word and through Your Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ Name!

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