Future + Hope Brochure

Future + Hope Brochure


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the $ goal for the building initiative?
A: 9.2 Million

Q: Why are there two phases for the Building Initiative?
A: Since we launched in 2015, we have been blessed with many new members, along with those who may have not been able to participate in the first phase: “Walk of Faith” or those who need to adjust their initial pledge. We want to give everyone an opportunity to participate through phase two: “Future + Hope.” God loves a cheerful giver, and invites us to participate in this season of giving.

Q: Will those who donate to the building fund be acknowledged?
Yes, the desire for the second phase, “Greater Together: Future + Hope,” is for each to give sacrificially. Everyone who gives, regardless of amount, will be acknowledged on the “Wall of Gratefulness.”

Q: What will the new building have?
A: There are several phases to the Building Project, which includes the parking structure.

  • New New Hope Coffee Company
  • New Cafe Fusion
  • New side balconies in the Auditorium (adding seating)
  • New Three Level Parking Structure (218 stalls)
  • Additional Classroom & Ministry Rooms

    Q: Is there a master plan?
    A: Yes. For additional information please contact John Tilton at JohnTilton@eNewhope.org.

    Q: Is there a Building Committee?
    A: Yes, we have a Building Committee comprised of 8 people including engineers, contractors and people involved in construction.

    Q: Where are we at in the process?
    A: The new design drawings for the parking structure are being completed. Engineers are calculating the best and most cost-efficient foundation system.
    The mechanical and electrical engineers are completing their work.
    The Environmental Assessment, and the Shoreline Management Assessment have been submitted to the City & County for review and approval.

    Spring 2018

    The permitting process will begin once the design drawings are complete with new foundational, mechanical, and electrical specs.
    Architects will begin on design drawing for the new Coffee Shop and Cafe Fusion
    The gravel parking lot will be paved, adding more parking by reason of more efficient parking
    Retrofit of fire sprinklers in the Ministry Center will begin.

    Summer 2018

    Construction of the new Ministry Center entrance (to be used during construction), the new coffee shop, and cafe will begin.

    Fall 2018

    Demolition of the annex (present coffee shop, cafe, bookstore, and multi-media studio)
    Building of the new parking structure.

    Q: When will construction start and end?

  • Gravel lot paving is slated for this spring. Waiting on plans and approval by owners
  • Fire sprinklers late spring
    Construction of the new Ministry Center entrance, coffee shop, and cafe this summer

  • Demolition of the annex, end of summer, early fall. Contingent on permitting.
  • Building of new parking structure, late fall, early 2019. Again, contingent on permitting.
  • The parking structure is a 1 1/2 to 2 year build.

    Note: We have no control over the permitting process

    Q: How can I help?
    A: We are asking for everyone to be involved, through finances, serving in the manpower portion if able, and prayer. If you are a contractor or can provide manpower, we’d love to have your help. Please contact Ken Silva at

    Q: Who do I call if I have questions? A: Contact the Legacy Department at (808) 842-4242 ext. 777

  • Pledge Card

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    Letter From Pastor Wayne

    Dear ‘Ohana,
    Wow! I can’t believe we’re into the last few months of 2016. In September, we were able to
    celebrate our 21-Year Anniversary. God has been so faithful to New Hope!
    During our anniversary services, Pastor Jon Burgess and I introduced “Future + Hope,”
    which is Phase 2 of our Building Initiative. Then on October 15-16 the entire church rallied
    together for an amazing celebration of generosity. Thousands gave financially and pledged
    their support to see our future New Hope Oahu ministry home constructed.
    If you missed being a part of this historic weekend, it’s not too late to join in. We are
    encouraging you to seek the Lord and to give sacrificially as He leads. We’re asking for
    everyone to be involved, as no financial contribution is too big or too small. Regardless of
    your contribution, please know that we need your prayers, above all.

    If you’ve already been faithfully giving to this building initiative through the “Walk of Faith”
    commitment — thank you! We couldn’t have gotten this far without your help. Might you
    consider joining the Phase 2 “Future + Hope” commitment initiative?
    If you’re new to New Hope or haven’t had the chance to participate in the Building Initiative,
    we invite you to join us. Commitment pledge cards are available during the weekend services
    at our Legacy Table, located under the ‘Ohana Tent. You may also You may also contact Lisa Fox at our
    church office (808-842-4242 x151), and she will assist you with your pledge.
    For those who want to pledge online, we’ve made it even simpler for you. Simply go to our
    website (www.enewhope.org) and click on “Give” — it’ll immediately take you to a donations
    page. You can also mail in a donation in any amount to our office at 290 Sand Island Access
    Rd., Honolulu, HI 96819, attention “Building Initiative”.
    Your participation counts in a huge way toward the advancement of God’s Kingdom. The best
    is yet to come!

    Pastor Wayne Cordeiro
    Senior Pastor, New Hope Oahu

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