New Hope - Live Now
A Purposeful Legacy
Joe Sangl

You have a God anointed purpose. Do not conform to the patterns of this world. Conform to God's will. God is for you and your purpose. But this purpose will come at a cost. However, God will give you all you need to build and leave a legacy. Remember, God honors movement! (W1801)
Facing the Future
Jon Burgess

When you serve the Lord you should say yes to being stretched by Jesus. You should say yes to taking bigger steps than you have before. You must also say yes to taking second place behind Jesus in your life. However, Jesus ultimately came to serve mankind. (W1753)
An Everyday Christmas
Wayne Cordeiro

When the Lord asks you to do something, you must be obedient, even if you don't understand! Christ came to invade our everyday routines! God uses our mess to do miracles! Often our greatest ministries come from our greatest pains! Let Jesus take your broken hearts and broken dreams and make them into something miraculous! (W1752)
Glory In the Ordinary
Jon Burgess

God uses the mundane to work miracles. We should look for God's Glory in the NOT-SO-SPECIAL. God is always here and on time - HIS TIME. We should look for God's Glory in the (seeming) NOT-SO-FAST. Joseph and Mary struggled with the normal problems of their time - similar to us. We should look for God's Glory in the NOT-SO-DIFFERENT. We should be obedient to God even in the mundane because that is one way that God works His miracles. (W1751)
Living Wonderstruck
Jon Burgess

Take time to see the miracle in the mundane. Take time to see the Creator in the creation! Be willing to receive the Word you need rather than the Word you want! You should be glad that you serve a God of Mystery! He will sometimes not reveal the whole picture to you on YOUR timing. Embrace the Ministry of Mystery! (W1750)