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Making Your Mark Through Hardship
Pat McFall

Making Your Mark Through Discipleship
Jon Burgess

It's not what you expect of life that's important. It's what life is expecting of you that is important. Jesus said to go into the world and make disciples. Discipleship takes a village. Discipleship needs a vision. Discipleship releases a voice. (W1644)
Making Your Mark Through Kingship
Jon Burgess

Some of us feel that our contentment is tied to our circumstances. It is actually tied to the level of Christís Kingship over our lives. We should invite Godís reign in our lives to our time, talent and treasure. We should always remember that Christís Kingship will always be in conflict with the reigning culture. (W1643)
Paying the Price
Wayne Cordeiro

We each have a part to play in Godís miracle. What is YOUR piece of the miracle? Sometimes we want God to intervene to make life convenient for us but He waits until death before He acts. The reason is that He wants us to see that ONLY God can do that miracle. Therefore, we will see it is He that deserves the glory. While He can do it by Himself, He wants to partner with us! (W1642)
Prayer is Life
Jeff Shortridge

Your prayer life impacts those around you and brings promotion. Prayer brings protection and directives from God. It is a lifestyle and will manifest miracles. Do not give in to distractions and transgressions as excuses not to pray. (W1641)