New Hope - Live Now
You Are What You Eat
Matt Higa

Taste and see that the Lord is good! Sometimes we mix a lot of sinful things of the world into our Christian life. Sometimes what we think is good is actually sinful in God's eyes. Sometimes because of peer pressure and we are chasing the almighty dollar, we end up doing things we normally would not do. God has a plan and order for our lives but sometimes we rush and do things out of order and it becomes disastrous. (W1735)
I Am Too...
Jon Burgess

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on you own understanding. If you think you are too young or too old to do what the Lord asks, TRUST the Lordís TIMING! If you think you are too unqualified to do what the Lord asks, TRUST the Lordís TRAINING! If you think you are too busy to do what the Lord asks, TRUST the Lord TODAY! Leave the other stuff up to the Lord! He is with you, always! (W1734)
Continuing In Faith
Jon Burgess

God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. Show up where God asks and trust Godís track record. Slow down because pausing brings perspective. Step out where God wants you to because obedience leads to deliverance. (W1733)
Facing the Giant of Fear
Wayne Cordeiro

Fear is a robber of our joy and peace. Fear leads to worry and the Bible says that worry will not help us. Do not let fear become your Lord. Let Jesus be your Lord! You have to find peace in the midst of your storms through Jesus. The keys to facing giants of fear is to give thanks and worship instead of worrying. (W1732)
Unstoppable Faith
Nick Vujicic

Fear crippled me more than not having arms and legs! When our yes aligns with Godís yes, itís a wonderful thing but not every prayer we pray is actually Godís perfect will. The first thing is that we must be thankful for the amazing blessings that God has given us. We can move mountains with a grain of sand of faith. God has a future and a hope for every one of you. Nothing will stop God from loving you. (W1731)