New Hope - Live Now
Extreme Temple Makeover
Jon Burgess

Jesus invites you to come to Him as you are. With Him, you are Home. Remember who you are. Jesus has made you Whole out of your brokenness. Share Jesus where you are. You are Holy by the Holy Spirit and defined by what you give yourself to. So show it to those around you. (W1804)
A Show & Tell Faith
Aaron Cordeiro

To create an atmosphere for miracles to happen, resolve to show up. Prioritize and schedule consistent time with God. If you do so, you will see all that God has promised you. Donít give up on your God given destiny. Persevere amidst the pressures of life. (W1803)
A Go & Tell Faith
Jon Burgess

Walk by faith and not by sight. To be ready, you need to wait on the Holy Spirit to baptize you. This may take some time but it has to be done. Then go out and tell others to witness with Jesus. Also go and tell others the wonders of God. (W1802)
A Purposeful Legacy
Joe Sangl

You have a God anointed purpose. Do not conform to the patterns of this world. Conform to God's will. God is for you and your purpose. But this purpose will come at a cost. However, God will give you all you need to build and leave a legacy. Remember, God honors movement! (W1801)
Facing the Future
Jon Burgess

When you serve the Lord you should say yes to being stretched by Jesus. You should say yes to taking bigger steps than you have before. You must also say yes to taking second place behind Jesus in your life. However, Jesus ultimately came to serve mankind. (W1753)