New Hope - Live Now
Pouring Into Others
Pat McFall

What Actually Matters
Jon Burgess

Pray that you are able to discern what is best in Godís eyes. What matters little is your setbacks. What matters most is Godís set-ups! What matters little is who gets credit. What matters most is who gets Christ! What matters little is how you die. What matters most is how you live! (W1745)
Future + Hope
Jeff Shortridge

God has prosperous plans for you. Godís promises may not come to pass overnight. It may take time. You will have to decide whether to settle or finish the course. It will exhaust you to be in the presence of people who are not part of your God given destiny. Delayed destiny does not mean destiny denied. Satan has the power to interfere and delay but he does not have the ability to cancel out your God given destiny. (W1744)
Fixing Our Faith
Wayne Cordeiro

Jesus said, ďIt shall be done to you according to your faith.Ē Even a little faith can do miracles. Doubt your doubt before you doubt your faith. Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Keep your faith on pace through prayer. Put your faith in the right place. (W1743)
Fixing Our Finances
Wayne Cordeiro

What good is it to gain worldly rewards when it costs you your soul? Bad debt is caused by feeling entitled and a lack of self - control. You should establish your God given purpose and should prioritize your eulogy over your resume. Choose giving of tithes and offerings! (W1742)