New Hope - Live Now
Who's Your Timothy?
Richard Waialeale

Who's Your Jethro?
Pat McFall

We all need a Jethro in our lives. We all need a coach at times. Our life direction flows through relationships. We should surround ourselves with people that we want to be like and are godly. Wisdom is gained by consequence and conversation. The path to wisdom is to be present, humble and willing. (W1821)
Who's Your Jonathan?
Jon Burgess

We need true friends in our lives. To become a true friend, you must move past the superficial. A true friend sees your weakness and is willing to help you succeed. To be a true friend, you must not be defensive or offensive but choose to be supportive. To be a true friend, you must receive and give love that is sacrificial. (W1820)
Who's Your Deborah?
Cyndi Burgess

We all need God's hand upon us, not against us! When we're in a place of sin, sin will take us farther than we wanted to go, it will keep us longer than we wanted to stay, and it will cost us more than we intended to pay! We come under God's covering by listening to Him. We come under God's covering by Faith. We need to know the difference between a backstabber and a back coverer. (W1819)
Roger Archer

Sometimes you have to take a risk and do the ridiculous in order to see the miraculous! Live by faith, not by what you see! In order to defeat the giants in your life, you must demand resolution of yourself. You should expect opposition! You should expect a sense of isolation because in that wilderness, you have no choice but to hear God's voice. (W1818)