New Hope - Live Now
When You Hit the Crossroads of Life
Aaron Cordeiro

Everyone reaches the Crossroads in their life. This is where you have to make a big decision. Donít rush in. Donít be quick with your mouth. Take the time to consider the right questions to ask. Donít wait to take the steps in walking with the Lord. Now is the time to do what the Lord says. (W1634)
When a Loved One Dies
Jon Burgess

When a loved one dies, we should ask four questions: Is this death of life or life after death? Is our assignment on earth by Divine Design or default? Are we following our Shepherdís lead or simply stuck? Is Heaven in the here and now or the Hereafter? We should all live a life that makes us proud in the end. (W1633)
When Your Children Stray
Wayne Cordeiro

When your children stray, you should leave the light on so that they can find their way back home. Pray and watch for signs of their return. Pray for Godly influencers in their lives. Pray for their salvation. Respond to Godís daily discipline. Donít give up. Eternal life is far more important than Earthly success. (W1632)
When You're Running on Empty
Matt Higa

Have you ever felt or do you feel like youíve burned out and are running on empty? If youíre the type that gives 110% all the time, it likely will happen to you. If so, be still and let God fill your cup. Do not grumble. You may have to empty your cup of the other things before the Holy Spirit can fill you up. But no matter what the specific problem is Ė get closer to Jesus! (W1631)
When Your Marriage is Failing
Wayne Cordeiro

Do you feel that your marriage is in trouble? Have you had rough spots in your marriage? There are no problem marriages! There are only problem people! Treasure your marriage. Stay committed to the one that is committed to you. Listen to Godly counsel and submit yourself to Godly discipline. (W1630)