New Hope - Live Now
Preparing the Way
Jon & Cyndi Burgess

We need to make the people ready for the coming of the Lord. We need to move from an attitude of us DESERVING to us SERVING. We must be repentant and act as such. We should increase Jesus in our lives and decrease distractions like smart phones and other technological devices. We should move from impatience and a lust for immediate gratification to acceptance of long suffering for Jesus! (W1707)
Sifted Unto Greatness
Wayne Cordeiro & Jon Burgess

What is greatness? Greatness is determined through service. Jesus came to serve. The greatest test of a servant is how he responds when he is treated like one. Greatness is only achieved through sifting. But always remember that Jesus is praying for you. (W1706)
Finally Focused
Jon Burgess

It is not necessary for you to know all the details of God's plans for you. It is just necessary that you take the first steps that He has designed for you - whether you agree or not. You must first get into a depth of Faith with God. Will your focal point be Amusement or Amazement? When you have a depth of Faith, then you can have a depth of Field. Will your focal point be Indifference or Involvement? (W1705)
Solid & Scripture Led
Jon Burgess

Ask yourself, "Who is Jesus Christ?" Go Counter-Culture by choosing the one choice Jesus Himself. Be devoted to daily devotions with Jesus. Be devoted to constant conversation with Jesus. Go Counter-Culture and stick with the one church. Be devoted to consistent large group worship. Be devoted to consistent small group discipleship. (W1703)
Make Your Mark on Stewardship
Joe Sangl

For your life and finances, there must be a plan. There is no harvest if you do not invest. Your heart will be where your treasure is. You will reap what you sow in life. Do not be discouraged by a lack of initial blessing because a harvest takes time. (W1702)