New Hope - Live Now
Future + Hope
Wayne Cordeiro & Jon Burgess

When you go through the fire or a trial, keep your eyes on God who will be with you. He may not keep you immune from terrible circumstances but He will be with you. Everything we have accomplished at New Hope is by God's grace. We built this church on solid foundations and have built it horizontally by planting other churches and nurturing new leaders from younger generations. Being mentored and then mentoring someone younger is the way to build. There is a future and a hope here. Let us all join in and build that future and hope together! (W1637)
When You're Falsely Accused
Jon Burgess

All of us have been or will be falsely accused. When this happens, will we be the Devil's advocate or the Devilís adversary? Will we choose sincere conversation with the accuser? Will we choose relational preservation over personal vindication? Will we get defensive or let God be our defense? Will we get offended or let God be our focus? (W1636)
When You're Depressed
Wayne Cordeiro

We are all prone to depression at one time or another in life. A great loss such as the death of a loved one could lead to depression. Prolonged fatigue is another cause if we violate the Sabbath rest. Developing a "victim" mentality where we think of ourselves constantly as a victim is also a cause. We should always remember though that we can fight depression by mobilizing for battle, becoming physically fit, serving others and knowing that God is always enough. (W1635)
When You Hit the Crossroads of Life
Aaron Cordeiro

Everyone reaches the Crossroads in their life. This is where you have to make a big decision. Don't rush in. Don't be quick with your mouth. Take the time to consider the right questions to ask. Don't wait to take the steps in walking with the Lord. Now is the time to do what the Lord says. (W1634)
When a Loved One Dies
Jon Burgess

When a loved one dies, we should ask four questions: Is this death of life or life after death? Is our assignment on earth by Divine Design or default? Are we following our Shepherd's lead or simply stuck? Is Heaven in the here and now or the Hereafter? We should all live a life that makes us proud in the end. (W1633)