New Hope Notes

Evangelism for the Rest of Us

Pastor Danny Lehmann
October 3, 2010 - W1040

Evangelism for the Rest of Us


Pastor Danny Lehmann

October 03, 2010-W10340


Our sermon today is about Sharing Our Faith.  We will read a little on Paul and how he shared his faith.


explaining and proving that the Christ had to suffer and rise from the dead.  “This Jesus I am proclaiming to you is the “Christ”, he said.  Some of the Jews were persuaded and joined Paul and Silas as did a large number of God fearing Greeks and not a few prominent women,”

   (Acts 17: 1-4)


The word Evangelism simple means sharing the Evangel -or sharing the truth.  Based on the love of God.   It is to be convinced in the truth of the gospel, as well as the good news of the gospel.


1.  Reasoning (dialogue)


2. Explaining


3. Proving (giving evidence)


4. Proclaiming


5. Persuading


6. Joining



Pastor Lehmann shares a short story with us on how he was at a conference and before going to his room he stopped at the hotel lobby cart where he purchased a bottle of orange juice.  The male clerk’s name tag had a Portuguese last name but he looked like an Indian.  The clerk did respond that he did have a Portuguese last name and he is Indian.  Pastor Lehmann asked him where was he from, and he stated India.  Pastor Lehman stated that he went to India on a conference to spread the good word of Jesus.  Pastor Lehman informed the clerk that he was here on a conference and gave the clerk a small reading card about Jesus.  For the next four / five days, Pastor Lehman stopped at the cart and dialogued with the clerk.  The clerk would also ask Pastor Lehman some questions that he did not understand.  Pastor Lehman spoke of the concerns he had on the ten commandments, Pastor Lehman explained about sinning and how Jesus died on the cross, which is the evidence of God’s love for us and proclaiming the gospel. 

Evangelism for the Rest of Us


Pastor Lehman gave him one of his books to read which he did.  The last night that Pastor Lehman was there he had forty five minutes of uninterrupted time, to persuaded him to receive Jesus.  The next day the clerk thanked Pastor Lehman with gifts which is a custom of his cultural and thanked Pastor Lehman for introducing him to the true God.   Pastor Lehman explains that he did seek the out the Pastor of the near by church to continue the meetings with our clerk.  Three days later Pastor Lehman receives a phone call that our clerk, his wife and whole family would be baptized the following Sunday. 


Pastor Lehman tells us that the Lord set up the whole meeting.  Pastor Lehman tells us the reason why he told this story was to illustrate that the meeting started out with just a name tag.  Pastor Lehman wants to encourage all of us to step out of our comfort zone and get into this different witnessing styles .


Pastor Lehman explains that he was no the prize when God got a hold of him.  But God did get a hold of him because the power of the gospel.  We have to believe that the power of the gospel is greater than the power of our fears.   Often times we have persecution, negativity, rejection, or afraid of not having all the answers of why we don’t share our faith.


Evangelism “Styles” and their references from the Bible


1. Intentional-  Mark 16:15

Ask God to open doors for you.  Try to get people to engage with you in a conversation to talk about Jesus.  Try not to get pushy just be yourself and be friendly and put a smile on your face. 


2. Interpersonal- Mark 2:14-16

Encourage people, and be friendly to them and see how you can serve them. 


3. Invitational- John 1:39, 4:29

You can invite people to a free event, like Easter, Christmas, or opportunity for your canoe club.


4. Intellectual- Acts 17:18-31

The mind is a muscle that needs to be exercised.  To do this we need to read and understand the gospel.  Jesus said:  You need to Love God with all your heart and soul, mind and strength.


5. Testimonial- John 9

Sharing what Christ has done in your life, the good news.

Evangelism “Styles” and their references from the Bible


6. Demonstrational- Matt. 5:16

Some of us are not good with words, but very good with our hands.  Jesus said: Let your light so shine among men, that they may see your good works and glorify your father which art in heaven.

Some of us are good at shinning the light of what we do, that they can see, then some of us who are better at what we say.  We need both- we need to do and we need to teach.


7. Supernatural- Acts 9:33-35, 40-42

Believing that the gospel is the supernatural power of God.  It is also believing that God can heal the sick.  Based on the Love of God and trusting in the supernatural power of God.



Discussion Questions:


1. What kind of good news can you share about the gospel?

2. What does it mean to have Faith?

3. Which one of the Evangelism style could help you?