New Hope Notes

15th New Hope Anniversary

Pastor Wayne Cordeiro
September 12, 2010 - W1037

Happy Anniversary New Hope!!!!!!!  God has blessed our church greatly for the past 15 years. His Blessings are shown through the church and its people.  For the past 15 years the people of our church has thrown their hearts over the lines for God, and he has blessed us.  He has been faithful to our needs and his power is shown through our struggles, and our victories.   Our church and its congregation is a testimony to the living and miraculous God.


Each person in our church has a story and a testimony.  Everyone has his or her shares of struggles.  Knowing Jesus does not mean that there won’t hardships and struggle, what it does mean is that through Christ there will always be victory.  Each of us has our ups and downs, and god is continuously working on our lives.  We are a work in progress.  In the battle of the flesh and spirit, New Hope has been a safe haven for people wrestling with their issues.  With the love of God, we have encouraged, inspired, advised, and prayed for one another. Our purpose as a body is to love and worship god, and give hope to one another.


God constantly gives forgiveness to us.  Despite all our shortcomings, he has shown us Amazing Grace.  As a church we should extend this forgiveness to others.  The beauty of God’s forgiveness is that it opens the door to our lives and eternity with him. As we forgive each other, it also opens the door to eternity. Our hearts need to be redeemed before we can extend forgiveness to others.  Once our hearts received and understand forgiveness, we can forgive others.  God uses our suffering and healing, so we can understand and give forgiveness to others.  It takes a heart to reach a heart.


The power of our hearts is behind our actions.   Mother Teresa said, “What we do is a drop in the ocean, but without that drop the ocean will be less because of it.  We don’t do big things, we do small things with big hearts.”  That is what New Hope is about we do small things with big hearts.  Our volunteers are amazing and they are our heroes. Our volunteers make our services possible.  We have 5 services, and 300 volunteers at each service.  Our volunteers watch children, sing, dance, serve, greet, pray, usher, and so much more. God has blessed us for the small things that we have done, with our big heart. God will open up opportunities for you to volunteer, respond to where the Holy Spirit leads you.  Live with a forward lean in you life, ad be ready to respond to the nudges of the Holy Spirit.  All of our big hearts doing small things together, brings praise to God. 


New Hope is an Ohana.  We all come through many different backgrounds.  Through the love of God, we come together to worship him and praise him, and we also build up one another.  We share an irreducible, the Lamb’s Book of Life.  We find joy God’s love and grace, and all things eternal.