Water Baptism

Next Steps at New Hope

1 Say Yes! to Jesus
2 Attend a Weekly Service
3 Attend Growing Deep, Growing Strong
4 Get Water Baptized
5 Join a Small Group
6 Start Doing Devotions & Journaling
7 Get Involved in a Ministry

Next Baptism

Upcoming 2014 Dates

  • June 22
  • Sept. 14

What Do I Need?

What is Baptism?

Water baptism is a public declaration of our identification with Jesus and His death, burial and resurrection. By getting baptized, you are publicly saying to those around you that you have died to yourself and have decided to follow Christ.

What is the Water Baptism Process?

Step 1: Registration & Check-In.
Registration can be done on the day of Baptism. However, you can avoid the line by pre-registering.

Step 2: Information and Prayer
Instructions are given by a pastor about next steps and then there is a time of prayer.

Step 3: Actual Baptism
At this time, you will go into the water and get baptized! You will then be photographed and congratulated.

Step 4: Opportunity
We will then give you some steps that you can take toward strengthening your relationship with the Lord.

Step 5: Food
Time to eat, fellowship with family, friends and meet your new brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Join Us!

Even if you aren't getting baptized, please feel free to join us as we celebrate with those getting baptized. A potluck will follow the baptism.

For more information contact Community Care Ministries, (808) 842-4242 x408