Missionary to the West Bank Visits New Hope
pastor alex awad brings shalom & challenge

Alex Awad is a missionary to one of the more difficult places in the world.

He is a missionary to his own people.

Alex Awad is an Arab-Palestinian, but before that, he is a Christian. He is the Dean of Students at Bethlehem Bible College as well as a pastor in Jerusalem. Alex spent a week with New Hope Christian Fellowship recently and gave us a fresh look at the land that struggles for peace. He appeared on Connecting Point, spoke at our midweek and weekend services, and taught at Pacific Rim Bible College.

This is the epicenter of Christianity, where Jesus Himself walked and taught. But the irony of it all is that 2000 years later, evidences Christianity are hard to be found. It is in this place that Alex has heard God's call to the ministry. He studied in the US, received American citizenship, and then returned to his people to tell them about Jesus.

It's much like the story of Henry Opukaha'ia. Henry traveled from Hawaii to New England in 1809, became a Christian, then heard the call to return to his people to rescue them for their heathen beliefs and lifestyle of wars and struggle. His goal was to tell them the Good News of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately he died of typhus in 1819, but his dream did not go unheeded. Hundreds of missionaries would come to Hawaii to fulfill his dream and thousands of Hawaiians came to Christ.

Alex Awad, unlike Henry Opukaha'ia, was able to return to his people and still today, shares the Gospel with Muslim people through television and through training up young leaders who will reach Palestinians with the Good News.

Pacific Rim Bible College and Bethlehem Bible College are in the process of developing a partnership where students from Hawaii can do an intensive in the Holy Land to learn about the stones of yesterday as well as the “living stones” of today… the people of God in the Holy Land.