New Hope: Chapter 2    A New Season at New Hope!

On Friday, November 23, 2012, the roof of Farrington High School's Auditorium collapsed. Only one person was in the auditorium at the time and was not injured. We are very grateful that this happened at a time when the auditorium was not in use! God is so good!

We are looking forward to this new chapter at New Hope and seeing what God will do in our midst. Please prayerfully consider contributing toward this next season.


The 5 LifeMarks for New Hope: Chapter 2 Charter Members

           1. Will you serve?
           2. Will you support?
           3. Will you give?
           4. Will you reach out?
           5. Will you pray?

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Video / Photo Stories

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New Hope: Chapter 2

A Look Inside the Auditorium

Governor Abercrombie's Assessment of the Farrington Auditorium Damage