Recent Projects

Spirit of Aloha outreaches recently completed numerous cleanups and other projects that helped benefit the community. Here are a few highlights

Making A Difference at Farrington High School
Hundreds of volunteers arrived early on the morning of Saturday, May 26th, ready to make a difference! Armed with shovels, rakes, brooms, dustpans, and even bottles of Windex, dozens of volunteers gathered under the banner of the Spirit of Aloha Outreach and took to the Farrington High School campus.

Believing in Future Generations
How long does it take to make an "Overnight Celebrity?" If you're the Spirit of Aloha director, working with students from Farrington High School, the answer is one semester. For the past semester, the Spirit of Aloha director has visited Farrington High School and mentored a group of students there. He instilled in them the belief that they can accomplish anything, and it all came together for Farrington High School's Awards Banquet, titled "Overnight Celebrity."