Get Involved

as a Spirit of Aloha Outreach Volunteer

At the Spirit of Aloha, your time, talent, work and heart go a long way. Every hour you spend as a Spirit of Aloha Outreach volunteer translates into the caring attention a child or teen needs to grow up healthy and resilient. It translates into support for families so they can be successful and strong. Into healthier lives for people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and incomes. Into a safer, more viable community that's a good place to live and work.

The Spirit of Aloha is first and foremost a volunteer organizations. As a volunteer, you can coach sports clinic, design a program brochure, program a community banquet, create resources to establish new Spirit of Aloha sites, mentor high schoolers, assist a chief, write web articles, help network our community, find resources approaching events, help out in the office or at a special event, or be part of a group or committee working on a neighborhood problem or special project.

No matter how you help, you'll make a big difference as you work with others to create a feeling of connectedness.

The basic definition of a volunteer here at Spirit of Aloha is "anyone who willingly gives time to help the accomplish our mission." In the Y movement, we have five categories of volunteers:

1. Weekly base camp support volunteers serve in the office, from home, or with our levite team on the grounds.

2. Fundraising volunteers raise money by working in annual, sustaining, capital or other special campaigns; working on endowment development; or by working at or running special events; or by writing and sending out partnership donation letters.

3. Program volunteers help lead programs or assist in delivering programs (e.g., a program instructor, coach, event coordinator, team member or aide of a program - creative advisory).

4. Managerial volunteers help manage and administer operations and programs (e.g., calendars, PR specialist, flow chart, communication, promo, etc).

5. Policy volunteers serve along the Spirit of Aloha Outreaches board of directors, through acting as a task force or strategic committee.

Please note that young people can serve in all of the above capacities as long as, like adults, they have the proper skills, training and supervision.

The Spirit of Aloha needs more people like you. People willing to take action and do something good.

To volunteer call 842-4242 ext 121. or Click Here to signup online.

Thank you so much for your time and heart!