About Us

Since its inception in 2002, Spirit of Aloha Outreaches has been dedicated to improving the lives of people by meeting real needs and offering genuine love, support, guidance and friendship.

The Spirit of Aloha Outreaches was incorporated as a qualifying 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization on May 10, 2004. The spirit of "aloha" describes the heart and mission of our organization:

Akahai - kindess
Lokahi - teamwork, unity, and the importance of family
Olu'olu - being positive
Ha'aha'a - humility; a willingness to serve others
Ahonui - patience and perseverance

So then, it is this Spirit of Aloha that marks the outreaches of compassion toward, commitment to, and willingness to be the light of hope for the people of Hawaii and their future generations. It is this heartbeat that characterizes those who have banded together to meet the needs of people in the heart of Honolulu. Purely, a volunteer driven organization, the Spirit of Aloha Outreaches' unique platform is relationship driven. The mentoring with dignity facet of the program taps the unique life experiences of men and women formerly at-risk or incarcerated, who have successfully committed themselves to productivity and accountability, and chosen to invest in youth currently struggling with risky life circumstances.

The Spirit of Aloha Outreach ministry has coordinated many community clean-ups throughout the Kalihi area. Farrington High School, Kalakaua Middle School, and Kalihi Waena Elementary are just a few of the schools that have been beautified by the Spirit of Aloha. Each June, the ministry spreads through the housing projects surrounding Kalihi, such as Kamehamehha Homes, Mayor Wright housing, Kuhio Park Terrace and Kaahumanu Homes.


We are striving to improve the lives of people through creating and delivering high quality, volunteer based programs, so that, people will be provided with positive role models who offer genuine love, support, and guidance.


This convergence of church, school, community, and neighborhood resources in conjunction with the Spirit of Aloha Outreaches, Inc. was initiated by members of New Hope Christian Fellowship and directed toward the Farrington Complex constituencies. As the scope expanded, outreaches have taken the form of many family-youth-school-church partnerships that have spanned public schools, public parks, and public housing clean-ups in the Kalihi area and beyond (in conjunction with Weed & Seed and community housing project resident leaders). A chaplaincy for athletic teams in the Farrington Complex of schools, and a culinary arts training program, the first of a multi-faceted alternative learning center initiative for high school and middle school youth who ware in jeopardy of completing their education.

The adult leadership for all these programs is extremely diverse in ethnicity, socio-economic status, and expertise and often includes family members and neighbors of those being served. On the other hand, Spirit Aloha Otreaches volunteers are homogenous in heart and vision; committed to being and doing in their own committees what Jesus would have been and done in His helping children, youth, and adults become all God intended them to be.


In conjunction with Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree program and local prison ministries, Spirit of Aloha has hosted inspirational concerts, free tutoring programs, mentoring, and community celebrations.

"A Future & A Hope" Culinary Program: In January 2005, Spirit of Aloha Outreaches tapped Chef Paul Onishi who pioneered education intervention in Hawaii using a culinary platform. Fueled by years of seeing in troubled youth what others failed to see, Onishi developed a hands-on, "Hawaiian-style" learning model to engage youth that are alienated from traditional educational methods and relationships. Initially these youth were united by their lack of achievement and grim prospects. Within a few short weeks, however, they were functioning productively and served attendees at the school's accreditation assessment community meeting, prepared and catered the athletic / academic department banquet, catered private weddings and luncheons with skill, professionalism and commitment.


What is Spirit of Aloha Outreaches?
Spirit of Aloha Outreaches is a series of God-centered outreach projects that seek to take New Hope Christian Fellowship into the community, by having impact on schools, housing projects, neighborhoods and families that do not yet know Jesus Christ while at the same time draws the Body of Christ together through volunteering and serving Him.

What kinds of projects do you do?
Any type of outreach can be done. Whether it be school repair projects, mentoring and reading programs, sports clinics, or helping widows in need, we want to partner with the community and get the community to join in some or all of these volunteer programs. Ideas are welcomed and encouraged.

What's been done before?
In the past year, we've done many projects include school cleanups on Make a Difference Day, feeding 500 at Thanksgiving, Christmas in July at Kuhio Park Terrace and other outreach days at Mayor Wright and Kamehameha Homes. We are extremely interested in partnering with the schools in the Kalihi area but our hearts are open to any service project that will glorify Him.

Getting Involved

If you are interested in pitching in for this outreach opportunity or would like to know more about the Spirit of Aloha Outreaches, contact us at 842-4242 x121. You can also stop by the Spirit of Aloha website any time!