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Room Needed Posted: December 31, 2017

I am a 48-year old Christian, husband, and father of two teenagers. I am also a U.S. Marine of 28 years, currently serving in the Reserves. While my family remains in CO, I am currently working full-time on a government contract at Camp Smith as a contractor. I am also working part-time in the evening as well. I basically need a place to come home to in the evenings and some minimal access to the kitchen to cook a few simple meals during the week. A room with basic furnishings (bed and desk) would be preferred but are not necessary. However, wifi connectivity is a necessary amenity. Since my income makes it difficult to support two living spaces a little burdensome financially, I am looking for a monthly rent of $350-400 that includes utilities. Ideally, the location will be close to a bus route (since I will not have a car), and close to the Halawa area (location is not as critical as proximity to a bus stop). Any insights, introductions, or information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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