Conquering the “more of me!”

Rod Shimabukuro

“You are those who have stayed with me in my trials, and I assign to you, as my Father assigned to me, a kingdom, Luke 22:28-29
Power and position struggles are inbred within man’s heart. The rivalry between siblings, friends, Christians, work relationships to be ”one up“ above the other is a real battle. Sometimes this war is kept in the secrets of a man’s heart as he wrestles with himself and his craving for more. More power, more authority, more recognition, more applause. Sometimes the war of fighting for position or control is visible through backbiting, gossips, putting others down while exalting self.

The disciples experienced this position and power struggle at such an unideal time. Jesus’ passover meal, as He shares of His coming sacrifice, was when the disciples asked Him who will be the greatest.

To hear the words after such a dispute, of Jesus affirming His disciples who have stayed with Him through trials reveals God’s character. That He would assign a place in HIs Kingdom to wayward, power hungry, self centered disciples is a marvelous mystery!
Yet, here I am. A disciple of Christ, in love with Jesus, staying true (as best as I can - only by HIs Grace!) to a growing relationship with Jesus for over 30 years. The wrestling desire ”for more“ can still be an inward battle that I must continue to overcome. His sovereign grace has assigned me a place in His Kingdom. But like the disciples, I’ve not always stayed with Jesus in terms of my obedience to Him. Though never backsliding, I’ve turned my back on Him, by not obeying promptings to speak up as His representative in witnessing, family, church scenarios.

I desire to be a disciple who truly stays with Jesus, no matter the trial or situation. My covenant has been affected by my inward battle with pride of self. I will continue to overcome through the Spirit’s conviction and leading, helping me to live wholehearted for HIm.

I will live differently by drawing near to God, being quick to call on Jesus, reciting and meditating on HIs character and Word.
Dear Jesus, There’s so much of me left to die. There’s too much of me and my desire for ”more“ residing in my soul. But thank You for revealing these areas and not allowing me to go unchecked in motive and heart. My repentance is ever before You and I am grateful for Your love and mercy that washes my conscience and spirit clean. May more of You continue to conquer the ”more of me.“

Devotions for January 22

Exodus 3,4,5
Luke 22

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