These Will Be the Boundaries

Tim Savage

"Then the Lord said to Moses, "Give these instructions to the Israelites: When you come into the land of Canaan, which I am giving you as your special possession, these will be the boundaries." (Numbers 34:1-2)
I wonder why God gave the Children of Israel these boundaries. Why was it necessary for them to have formal restraints around the land that God gave them? I don't know how exact they were in those times, but the scriptures are very specific about what was theirs and what wasn't, what was black and what was white, what was good and what was bad. Boundaries are used to keep people safe, protected and out of trouble. God puts boundaries around us both physically and spiritually, but they aren't always as clear as a river, a mountain or an ocean. Our boundary is our conscious, that internal voice - that spider's sense - that tells us there's trouble ahead. And often we choose to ignore that God-given boundary by justifying our actions or behavior and sinning anyway. Don't you wish that we had no choice but to listen to Him? Don't you wish that there were a physical boundary of a canyon or stream that prevented us from the wrong choice? Wouldn't it make our lives as Christians easier? Moses wouldn't have struck that rock, David wouldn't have looked at Bathsheba and we would live lives pleasing to Him at all times, but, that's not God's plan, that's not how He rolls. He provides our boundaries, but He leaves it up to us to heed them. He provides wisdom through His word, but we must choose to read and follow it.
When we ignore His protection we may eventually get hurt, or our sin revealed. More importantly, we live outside of God's will when we break His boundaries and He knows whether anyone else does or not. I must hear and obey Him when he tries to protect me by boundaries and my conscious. I must kill my attempts to justify the gray areas in my life and give my thoughts and actions over to Christ.
Dear Heavenly Father,

I desire to live a life pleasing to You. May I continue to die so that You may live in me. In Jesus name,


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Numbers 34,35,36
Mark 11

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