Jesus Mission, my mission

Rod Shimabukuro

Mark 6:12 They went out and preached that people should repent. 13 They drove out many demons and anointed many sick people with oil and healed them.
I'm sure the disciples were passionate about their call and assignment to preach the Gospel. It would require boldness and a faith in God. The mission was beyond their abilities, but I wonder if some of them had a little too much confidence in their gifting or abilities or reputation or ?

Their lives were no longer about living for their successes, but for the advancement of Jesus' mission. Jesus' mission became their mission. With this mission, Jesus did equip them... with authority.

What men and women can do unto and for God, given the authority of Christ and His Father! WOW!
I'm having these thoughts and feelings on how God has chosen me, appointed me and given me authority - to represent Him to the world. The message of repentance is a key truth in presenting the Gospel. And accompanying this preaching is the authority of God to perform healings.

I'm a little uncomfortable thinking that I should or could "claim this authority" to do the works of God. But - what is truth for me today, is that I must obey His call -to preach and live the Gospel, calling people to entrust their lives to Jesus.
My prayer is also that signs and wonders will accompany my preaching - for the sake of His glory and fame.... that more people would come to know Jesus!
Dear Jesus,
I submit my heart and life to You. Do in me, Do to me - what You see best... that I may will and do of Your great pleasure. If You've called me, I ask that You would help me to live and minister in the authority of God! Appoint me, Anoint me - for Your sake!

Devotions for October 30

Job 21
Mark 5,6

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