Touching Jesus

Marcus Sanders

Mk. 5:31 And His disciples said to Him, “You see the crowd pressing in on you, and you say, “Who touched me?” 
Push, shove, bumping are familiar words in crowded situations. We find these close-quarter times at amusement parks, carnivals, concerts, and theaters and even in elevators. We try not to touch the other person but some how we still bump one another. When Jesus came on the scene the crowds were a bit aggressive. Any sign of weakness would allow the stronger to advance. Everyone wanted to touch Jesus either for selfish reasons or healing. But out of all the pushing and shoving someone touched Him with the right motives in faith. A desperate woman with no finances, reached for her last hope, last dream, with seed faith towards Jesus. With all the physicians that tried to help her, her faith in the professionals vanished. Jesus was her last hope. With her last ounce of faith she pressed through the crowd and touched a piece of his garment. Immediately she was healed. What’s interesting about this encounter is that Jesus’ attention was on the crowd. He was not even looking at this woman. Where there is faith with or without Jesus looking at you God’s miracles will take place. Jesus had a 360-degree crowd pressing him but on this day one woman pressed him with faith and receives healing. 
I was over a friend’s house that was remodeling his kitchen. He had a problem in finding where the underground pipes were running under the cement slab. A guy brought an electronic device to identify where the drain piping ran. As the machine went over the concrete it was quiet until it came right over the pipe. The machine gave off a loud noise indicating a direct connection with the pipe. Shouldn’t my life be the same where I have a direct connection with heaven? I can be somewhere else besides the church and still have a direct connection. That direct connection is faith in relationship with Jesus. In a sense I can say that my life is touching Jesus. I wonder how many of us live in a “touching Jesus” relationship. That out of a multitude of people calling to God for selfish reason you are the one with a direction connect of faith in relationship to Jesus. Touching Jesus is all about being authentic and having the right heart coupled with faith. Amazing things happen when we touch Jesus with the right motives. He provides for all our needs and unfolds miracles before our eyes. 
Jesus I am humbled that a small faith can touch you. My desire is to keep touching you with faith and to transform daily to become more like you. 

Devotions for October 29

Job 20
Mark 3,4

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