Keeping the Holy Things Holy

Aaron Cordeiro

"Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces. Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you." (Matthew 7:6-7)
Jesus is giving a sermon here on the mount giving the people exhortations for living Holy or whole according to His ways. He just finishes saying don't take the Holy or sacred things of God and give them away to dogs or swine. What He meant by this is to be careful that we don't take the things of God and loosely give them to those that won't understand or those who don't have an appetite for them. Like pearl before swine, a pig has no idea the value of a pearl, or a dog would not understand things that are holy and sacred to God. Jesus surely isn't calling people dogs or swine, but is saying here is there are some who will steward the things of God and other who won't. Jesus says be careful in these kinds of matters because you may find yourself going down a road that is not Gods best for your life.

Jesus says "ask, seek, and knock". This make me think that in times we feel out of control, out of the loop, or distant from God our first response should always be to turn to Jesus. We can often turn to people for advice because we want to feel better right away, secure, and free form pain. We may turn to people that don't know how to handle our situation according to holiness, or understand how to keep us headed toward holiness. Its like Jesus is saying before we turn to anyone or anything turn to Him... Ask Him, seek Him, and knock on the door of His heart. Often Jesus is the last one we seek, but the only one who can handle the holy things in our lives. He is the only one that can make us holy, and the only one that can keep us holy in tough circumstances.
This morning I am encouraged to be be more patient in times of pressure. I am encouraged to go straight to my commander and chief Jesus Christ before I go to any one else. There will be many who will give me good advice, others who will give me horrible advice, but only one who can make me holy is Jesus. I understand this word holy to means to be made whole, right, upright, righteous, in good standing relationship. I realize in my life ,marriage, family, ministry, and everything else I am not looking for quick fixes from problems or people to sympathize with my pain, I am looking to be made whole in Christ Jesus despite the tough times.
Heavenly Father
Thank you so much for Your wisdom and insight encouraging me this morning to keep the Holy things Holy, and the sacred, sacred. Forgive me in times I've asked, sought, and knocked on every other door than Yours. I pray for strength in times I feel I don't have it all together, out of control, and times of frustration. I must turn to You in these times not to people who will tell me what I want to hear, jump on my causes or campaigns, or those who will not steward my life toward holiness. Only You can do that Lord, so I place my whole life completely in Your hands. Amen

Devotions for April 20

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