Time - Make It Count for Jesus

Marcus Sanders

"Do not get involved in foolish discussions about spiritual pedigrees or in quarrels and fights about obedience to Jewish laws. These kinds of things are useless and a waste of time." Timothy 3:9
There were people around the early Christian church who were caught up with the things of the Mosaic Laws and Genealogies. Ancestries are important in Scripture when identifying blood lines from Adam to David to Christ but an argument in genealogies that runs down rabbits holes is one to be avoided. It can become divisive when pride becomes the key factor. Paul spoke from personal experience as one who tried to reason with the Jews that Christ came to fulfill the Law and became the sacrifice once and for all. He doesn’t say don’t get involved with discussions about spiritual truths, he does say don’t get involved in foolish discussions about spiritual truths that lead to arguments and fights about the Scriptures.
I believe one way Satan keeps Christians busy is to get them to defend God. We have some knowledge of the Scriptures and understand that all the answers are in the Bible. But the answers are based on the God’s standard and not man’s. Man has a different standard in which he judges truth. It is important to know which standard we are using. Because the standard we use will determine where the discussion is going.

When I was working in a secular job I was asked questions that set me up to defend God. As a brand new Christian I wanted to give them an answer so they could come to Christ. But the opposite happened. I was taken down the rabbit trails that lead nowhere. They wanted to control the conversation by trying to trap me while really not looking for truth.

Time is too precious to waste. Time invested in evangelism is one thing, but time invested in a debate or argument to prove God and explain why people in the hospital are not healed is a rabbit trail that leads no where. The real issue is all about the condition of your heart and where will you spend eternity. God is looking for those whose hearts are inclined to Him. 
Father give me wisdom to steward my time in matters that count for the Kingdom of God.

Devotions for June 30

Amos 7,8,9
Psalms 104
Titus 2

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