No Talk Too Much

John Tilton

Ecclesiates 5:2-3 Do not be quick with your mouth,do not be hasty in your heartto utter anything before God.God is in heavenand you are on earth,so let your words be few.A dreamcomes when there are many cares,and many words mark the speech of a fool.
The scriptures caution us to be prudent and sincere with our words to God, as often one can be prone to voicing too many words and being redundant, thinking that such words on to God is more emphatic and meaningful. Yet, God desires to hear our heart and sincere utterances from us. This is often a real tendency in prayer. So to can it apply to our conversations with others, where we speak too much and too often as opposed to listening and speaking prudently and heartfully.
I often tend to be repititious in my prayerss or even think of great words to God as I pray. Instead, I am reminded I that God just really wants to hear my heart and how I am loving He and others. I know that I don't need great words or articulation in my prayers, but rather, a sincere heart exampled by my simple words. In conversations with others, I also want to be a better listener so that when I speak, I am speaking from wisdom of knowing what another has shared and thus having great context. I want the conversation to be less about me and more about us.
Dear Lord, please guide me in my words to be simple, articulate and sincere; less prone to share what I know but who I know ... You!

Devotions for June 07

Ecclesiastes 4,5,6
Psalms 18
Ephesians 3

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