Marcus Sanders

Neh 13:9 I ordered the rooms to be purified and I brought back the utensils for God’s temple, the grain offerings, and the incense. 
It is wonderful to have new beginnings. Israel was having a new beginning after experiencing a 70-year captivity. When we come to a new chapter in our lives we take what we learned and commit to do life better. One common ground I’ve come to in setting a new chapter in my life is getting back to the basics. Nehemiah was determined to get back to the basic of following God, worshiping God and loving God. Everything thing from this moment needed to be done right according to the Laws and voice of God. The last of the task was to separate from all foreigners in Israel.; whether you had friends, or spouses. The high priest, Eliashib who was in charge of all the storerooms, removed the grain offerings, incense, utensils and gifts for the priest so his relative Tobiah could use the storeroom. In other words this high priest removed the things of God so a foreigner, who actually opposed Nehemiah and the building of the walls, could use these facilities. I can’t understand why would a dedicated man remove God’s things to replace it with the things of someone who was forbidden to enter the temple? 
It may be easy to catch the truth in what should be in the temple of God and what should not but when we bring it to a personal level this is a constant struggle we all face. The bible says we are the temple of God, let no one defile God’s temple. But what goes in and what comes out is the daily struggles we all face. Life is a continual spiritual transformation. We all have our past, our values, our prejudices, our desires, emotions and securities. We start a new beginning in Christ and we get our lives in shape. The outside looks good but we have storerooms where we’ve kept our hurts, pains, and issues. We begin to clean out some of the storerooms in our heart and allow God’s Spirit to purify it and bring in the presence of God; but we still have some friendships of the old nature that live in untouched storerooms. Somehow our identity is connected to that remaining room. But God wants this room. God want our identity to be connected to Him. He wants all the storerooms. He wants us to clear out the room and bring back the utensils, grain offerings and incense, so to speak bring back His presence in this room so we can be totally His people. Today I’ve look within and found something of the old nature in my storeroom. While I was doing my devotions my wife, with a soft voice asked what time will we leave the house today? But I reacted with my hands in the air saying I don’t know, I just need to be at this appointment by this time. Why did I act like this? The reason is I didn’t want to be bothered right now; back off. But what is important to me, is it my journal time, with a do not disturb or else sign, or is it the relationship with my wonderful wife? You see the old nature’s storeroom is selfish; this is my time, don’t bother me whoever you are. What I did through this storeroom of the old nature was burn a very important relationship in my life, my wonderful wife. As I continued to reflect on what God was saying to me in this journal I realized there was something in my storeroom that didn’t belong. I needed a new beginning, I needed to clear out the old nature’s storeroom and bring in the presence of God. I immediately stopped what I was doing, turned to my wife and lovingly discussed the day’s plan. God’s presence lived in that moment as I communicated to my wife on the day’s plans. In that moment I communicated in the pause that I valued our relationship. Today I’ve won in purging an old storeroom from a past friend, my old nature. I sense a great freedom, peace and presence from God. These are the moments I live for. These are the moments God is exalted. These are the moments that I am identified by my true identity; I am His. 
Father thank you for prompting me to stop, reflect and correct. Make me aware of the storerooms of the old nature that are robbing me of my true identity. I surrender all to You. In Jesus Name. 

Devotions for October 15

Nehemiah 13
Malachi 1,2
Acts 4

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