You lead Your people

Rod Shimabukuro

Psalm 77:19-20
Your road led through the sea,your pathway through the mighty waters -a pathway no one knew was there!You led your people along that road like a flock of sheep,with Moses and Aaron as their shepherds.
The Psalmist Asaph acknowledges the Invisible-Visible faithfulness of God. He describes God’s providential oversight and guidance, leading His people through difficult, life altering circumstances.

One of the lessons is that He uses leadership. In this scenario, God uses shepherds. In fact in most situations, God will use shepherd leadership to lead His sheep.
I believe God will better lead, direct, equip His people, through faithful shepherds. While Moses and Aaron were not perfect shepherds, they turned their attention and hearts to God.

Today, there’s a strong passion placed by God in my heart, to be a faithful shepherd to His people. But my faithfulness is not enough. God’s favor and guidance is needed. It is God who will lead His people, not me. But God will lead through me.

I must - I must - I must ---- believe, rely on and acknowledge God to be the leader of His flock. Yes I must be faithful - faithful to be near to His heart, to hear His voice.
You are my heart’s cry Lord - to be nearer, closer, to become more like You. You are the Great Shepherd and God over Your people. Help me not to put so much work into “working hard” for You - but help me to work faithfully under Your leadership.

Devotions for April 08

1 Samuel 3,4,5
Psalm 77
2 Corinthians 8

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