Comfort and Confidence

Justin Smith

Psalm112:7- "They do not fear bad news; they confidently trust the Lord to care for them."
Because of God’s love and grace, those that choose to love Him and live in obedience to Him can walk in a joy that supersedes any situation, hardship, or circumstance. One who lives for God is afforded the hope that He is love, He is powerful, and He is good, which means that regardless of the difficulties we may face in life we can rejoice knowing that He has a perfect plan.
It was 7 short days ago that I received the devastating news that my sister, who was 8 weeks pregnant, was told by her doctor that the baby did not have a heartbeat. The tears flowed as we talked, prayed, and tried to make sense of this tragic situation. Why would God allow this to happen? How could this be a plan that was for our good? Although we trusted God, we battled emotions of anger, frustration, and depression. Why would a good God allow this? In the midst of this unthinkable circumstance, we have been able to find comfort and consolation in knowing that He is still in control. Beyond that, He is still love, He is still good, and He is still able to perfectly care for our family. With each day we are growing in our faith and confidence, knowing that we need not fear this bad news, or any bad news, as He is able to care for us. Will I truly trust in Him when things don’t go the way I think they should? Will I choose to praise Him, knowing that His plans are far better than my desires? I will choose to confidently trust the Lord.
Lord, I don’t know why you have allowed this to happen, and I don’t understand every detail, but I do know that you are in control and that you are love. I thank you for the peace that you provide, and I thank you that have a plan far beyond what my eyes see. May this situation bring you great glory, as we confidently trust in your unfailing love.

Devotions for August 17

Jeremiah 23,24,25
John 19

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