Thoughtfully, Intentionally MEDITATING iN HIS HOLY WORD

Rod Shimabukuro


For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope. Romans 15:4
The weak - the lowly - the uninvited or unwanted... These are the ones Paul is commanding us to love! The hope we are to develop and possess is the hope of love and faith to treat others as Christ would. I believe Paul is saying that what he is writing is based on how our forefathers instructed us to live.

Endurance is necessary to develop healthy relationships! Encouragement of the Scriptures is certainly necessary for us to have hope. The Hope of Jesus is mean for us to live is and share - as we work to live in harmony together! (v. 5-7) Why - To honor and glorify God!

Paul concludes his letter to Roman believers in the last paragraphs with the exhortation to live out their faith in Christ - with others. What I believe vertically in Jesus - I should live horizontally with others.
Applying this passage today and this week - mean s that I MUST be strengthened by the Scriptures. I’ve been slacking! Oh my - I’ve been slacking in really spending adequate time meditating, reading and studying the Scriptures. Of course - what I already know - I need to live. But endurance and instruction will come through the Word of God!

I must - I Must - I MUST... be a man of His Word. I’ve been too busy doing the ministry - and I need to spend disciplined time, mediating - slowly thoughtfully, intentionally MEDITATING iN HIS HOLY WORD!
I need not be ashamed to repent - for my careless, slothfulness! Busyness, laziness has gotten the best of me. Please Forgive me King Jesus - Daddie God! Dear Spirit of God - please don’t stop convicting me of my unrighteousness!
My slothful, calloused heart can grow too quickly = to become a weak Christian. Help me to live with truth, integrity and really be a Man of Your Holy Word!

Devotions for June 03

Proverbs 25,26,27
Romans 15

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