One Time

Micah Simpson

Hebrews 1:14 "For by one offering He has perfected for all time those who are sanctified."
We can see in this chapter the contrast between Jesus and the priests. Jesus offered Himself one time and forever took care of sin.  The priests however, would need to offer sacrifices year after year. Jesus gave himself on the cross and we now have forgiveness from our sins. The priest however, would offer animals on the altar but the reminder of sin was still present.  Jesus shed his blood and we are forever cleansed by it. The priests shed the blood of many animals, but it wasn't enough.  This contrast is an incredible reminder of how great our Savior is. I never want to take lightly the salvation that I have, because such a great price was paid for it.
Because Jesus did away with sin by offering himself, we can come to him with full assurance of faith. There is no question as to whether we are forgiven or whether he will accept us, because he has. Jesus did not only die for our sins, he rose from the grave, and because of that, we are united with him in his death and in his resurrection. Just as Jesus is alive, so to are we.  I am so thankful that Jesus took care of sin and it only took one time! I am so thankful not to have to continually come before God hoping that he will clear me of my guilt and shame. I am so glad that Gods forgiveness will not be taken back when I mess up or stumble. I am so glad that we are saved by grace, and that I can live for the rest of my life by His grace. 
Lord I pray that I would follow you and serve you with joy and delight, because you have fully accepted me and for that I will worship you! I pray that I would never let the guilt of a mistake overtake me, because I know that your blood covers me. I pray that I would not take for granted the sacrifice that you made, because it was the greatest sacrifice ever made.  I pray for our church, that we would live holy and blameless before you, not because it brings forgiveness, but we live holy because we are forgiven.

Devotions for July 13

Isaiah 15,16,17,18
Hebrews 10

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