God is willing

Micah Simpson

"So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you." Luke 11:9
It is easy to read this passage and feel as if God is reluctant to give to his kids. Almost like he is hardly moved by our prayers, and it takes a ton of begging and pleading on our knees for God to open his hand to take care of our needs. But really, this passage is the opposite, when we pray, we are tapping into Gods willingness.God is willing, and we need only to ask him.
I dont believe God any problems giving to his kids, I believe that the problem is with us, and the rarity in which we seek God. Persistence is the key, not because he is reluctant, but because God has all that we need and as we seek him he is faithful to take care of us.On the flip side, when we do not ask, seek or knock, God and his limitless willingness goes untouched and unasked for.In vs 13, Jesus goes a step further, not only will our needs be met as we ask God, but we can ask for the Holy Spirit, who will radically impact and fill our lives more that we could ever imagine. The Holy Spirit will connect us to and provide for us all that God has in store.
Lord, I pray that I would not be hesitant to seek you, and I pray that my life would reflect persistence and eagerness in asking you. I pray that you would help me to rely on the Holy Sprit who will continue to actualize salvation in my daily life. I never want to do things on my own power or own strength, but rather, I desire to seek you for all that you have for my life. I love you Jesus! Amen.

Devotions for September 28

Zechariah 1,2,3
Luke 11

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