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Rod Shimabukuro

And they said to one another, “Let us choose a leader and go back to Egypt.” Numbers 14:4
When things don’t’ go my way, I quickly succumb to grumbling, being frustrated, discouraged and can easily give up in spirit, mind and strength. The children of Israel had a point right - having been led out into a barren, desert land with NO provision - that they could see. No future, No purpose and with leadership who did not seem to have vision. The vision was - living one day at a time, following and trusting God for their daily provisions in life. It’s easy to bail - and to bail out on those who are leading you.
In personalizing my application - I wonder how many times my children or wife wanted to bail out on me because my leadership was weak? Or when they didn’t see or hear the Lord through me in times where my decisions contradicted their desires? I’m especially convicted because I’ve made decisions based on my desires and flesh, not God’s.

I’ve made many mistakes and I am certainly no Moses or Aaron, in my closeness with the Lord. My desire is to be the kind of father and husband who would lead my family in confidence, in the Lord. And when there are misunderstandings or questions, that I would address them with His Spirit of love and grace, with truth. Help me to be a strong, secure and confident leader of my family!!
I love Your leadership Lord. I want to fully trust Your guidance and purposes for my life - for my family’s lives. Help me not to question Your purposes or voice - please, please Forgive me when I do. I’m so sorry to have questioned You and grumbled so many times. Thank you for Your ever embracing love and the strength of Your conviction and correction in my life.

Devotions for February 24

Numbers 14,15,16
Mark 3

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