Do they see Your light?

Rod Shimabukuro

“No one after lighting a lamp covers it with a jar or puts it under a bed, but puts it on a stand, so that those who enter may see the light. Luke 8:16

Disclosing the parable of the farmer, soil and seeds, Luke implies that Jesus is the Living Word, the Living Light, who did not shy away from actively changing lives.

In chapter 8 we find Jesus rebuking winds, calming storms, healing a demon possessed man, 12 year old dying girl and a woman with a bleeding issue. We see Jesus being obedient to fruitful living, transforming lives, by not concealing His light in the darkness of sickness, evil spirits and tumultuous conditions.

...hearing the Word from the Father, held to it with an honest and good heart - produced fruit with patience. We see Jesus being that Living Word. The ever productive and fruitful Word of Life, shining the Light of Truth.
For me to be transformed, is to learn and grow to be pure and good in heart. Sometimes I tend to withhold information or my thoughts on a matter under the guise of being ”slow to speak and quick to listen.“ I need to be sensitive and obedient to speaking up - when His Spirit is prompting me to!

Shining my light would also mean living differently - by being a little more bold in praying for strangers, others, laying hands on the sick, speaking by faith into people’s storms. Trusting the mighty, loving, gracious favor of God to shine His light through my obedience.
It’s those ”little promptings“ that I’m not tracking with at times. Lord - help me... please help me!
Dear I long to adhere to what Luke highlights. To be a man of the Word, obeying Your voice, being fruitful by being obedient - obedient to Your holy voice!
Help me to shine Your Light - to be light in the world you’ve placed me in - especially among those who need Your touch - who don’t know You - who don’t yet believe in You!

Devotions for January 08

Genesis 20,21,22
Luke 8

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