Armor Bearer

Micah Simpson

1 Samuel 14:7 "His armor bearer said to him, "Do all that is in your heart; turn yourself, and here I am with you according to your desire."
Every leader needs leaders with him who have the heart of an armor bearer. Not just any armor bearer, but one like Jonathan's. Because when it was time for battle, when it came time for the decision to be made to fight, Jonathan's young armor bearer gave the greatest response that anyone under someone could give, "I am here with you according to your desire"

Leadership is hard to begin with, and what makes it even harder is when those under your authority don't want to do anything you desire, or when they do it begrudgingly.

What amazes me about this story is that Jonathan could have requested anything and the young man would have done it!
This passage hold two great principals that I desire to see happen in my life!

  1. I would be a great armor bearer.

    I hope that my pastor knows and feels that I am with him to do all that is in his heart! Because when the going get tough, and the Lord is pushing him forward, I don't want to be a lazy, critical, complaining armor bearer who doesn't want to do anything. I desire to say to my pastor, "do all that is in your heart" and I will be there with you!

  2. I would have great armor bearers.

    I desire to have leaders around me who fully support the vision that God has placed on my heart. There is nothing better than a God given vision being carried out by all the members in the body of Christ! How great it would be to see the Church stand together to take ground for the kingdom!
Lord I pray that I would model and live what it means to be a great armor bearer, and I pray that you would surround me with men and women who would be great armor bearers for me!

I pray that we would never lose the heart of respect and honor for those above us, and I pray that as leaders in the church we would model what it looks like to come under authority.

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