Christ, My Inheritance

Marcus Sanders

"You shall have no inheritance in their land; neither shall you have any portions among them, "I am your portion and your inheritance among the people." (Numbers 18:20)
All the tribes of Israel get an inheritance of property except the priest and the Levites. Dedication to God's service had no share in the land because the Lord was their share and inheritance. Inheritance is a wonderful blessing that is received from one generation to the next. Most of the tribes of Israel had property and wealth to pass on to their sons and daughters that would continue the strength of the tribes. But what do the priest and Levites pass on? They have a greater responsibility to pass on; they pass on the blessings of God. In the passing of this inheritance blessing would come the Messiah, who would provide, and supply all of our needs. He will be our portion and inheritance forever. In the New Testament is say we are sealed unto the day of redemption with the Holy Spirit. That means we are guaranteed by the Holy Spirit to inherit eternal life with Christ. What a wonderful inheritance. Is there any share greater than this? I say not!
Inheritance is a beautiful movement that blesses one generation to another but it also has a way of breathing division among families. We can get so attached to materials things that can lose focus of our true inheritance. God wants His minister to focus on His work and not on what's mine and what's not. In the Bible He lays out an inheritance plan that gives Himself as our portion. He daily supply daily our lives according to His riches in glory. He gives life abundantly. Can we get this from a worldly inheritance? I believe not, for most worldly inheritance we keep to ourselves whereas heavenly inheritance we pass on the blessings.

When I think about Christ being my inheritance and portion, I am truly a rich kid that has everything. That's huge!
Father, You are my inheritance and portion. All that I have need for Your hand have provided. Your inheritance frees me from an earthly mindset to dedicate my life for Your service. I am truly a blessed man.

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Numbers 17,18
Psalms 29
Mark 4

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