Dethrone Sin's Reign

Marcus Sanders

Romans 6:12 (NLT) Do not let sin control the way you live; do not give in to its lustful desires. 
How can sin drive my life when I'm in control? Well what is it that drives my life? It's more than thinking I can't do this or I shouldn't do that or I must stay away from that. It goes beyond the do's and don'ts to what captures my heart and thoughts. For what captures me affects my senses. What affects me controls me. And who controls me is king.

Do not let sin reign.... What it is saying is sin islike a ruler or a king that desires to reign and control.He taps into our passions that influence the body. The past is filled with tyrant kings who dominate, dictate, manipulateand control people. They are obsessed with the power to conquer and to destroy all those who rebel.But people under tyrant kings have no peace, no joy, no life, and are poor. Greed, lust and pride are the driving factors motivating this king.

It's strange; leaders with this makeup are easily spotted. They stick out of the crowd. The world has a standard of what a moral person should look like. In fact, the world has adopted some of its morals from the Bible. But here's the truth,as much as we can point out Hitler, Creaser, Napoleon as controlling, manipulating kings, we can't see it in ourselves. Paul said don't let sin reign in me. What he is saying is this, there are two kings want to reign in me. One who rules from a worldly vantage point. The morals are subject to cultural and today's thinking. The king of this realm works through weakness, temptations, and desires. The other King is Jesus. His rule is life, hope, and peace. Obedience to Jesus gives freedom within boundaries where abundant life occurs.
The king of sin has wrecked a part of my life. I’ve allowed him to drive my actions through weaknesses and temptations. At one point in my life, I’ve let myself do whatever I wanted within the law. But it wasn't long before I started reaping what I sowed. Mistakes inlife can be forgiven but the scares remain in those who got hurt. The enemy works through weakness.Sometimes we think we know our strengths and can withstand anything.But the enemy iscrafty; he knows how he can persuade me to take the proverbial apple.

My wife and I visited Block Busters looking for a good movie to rent.After much search we selected one that was PG-13. However after reading why it was rated this way, we put it back on the shelf. The reason for the rating was because of sexual and nudity content.We just put them back on the shelf. The best thing I can dois to stay away from all sources of temptation. The only way the king of sin cannot reign in me if I don’t give into his influences and the only way The King of kings can reign in me if I do give in to his influences.
Father, influence me to go beyond my weaknesses and developthem to become strengths. I give my heart to You.

Devotions for May 26

Proverbs 1,2,3
Romans 7

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