The “I will” conviction

Rod Shimabukuro

Psalm 101:2 I will be careful to lead a blameless life—when will you come to me? I will walk in my house with blameless heart.
The conviction and call to live a holy life unto God is birthed through recognizing the greatness of God. God our Creator - God our God is just and loving. This is what David sings of in the song of Psalm 101.

Out of knowing and loving God, understanding His righteousness - that there is NONE like our God, we are compelled to love and live for Him. He is righteous and just.

David’s ability to choose is evident. As we read all the “I will’s” in this Psalm. These “I will” statements of loyalty and dedication seem to come from a deep commitment David has to his God!
I am moved in heart - in conviction to rid my heart of sin. The way that I choose to live many times is affected by my evil, unrighteous heart and thoughts.

God - I want to live and believe differently. Today, I desire to confess my sins of unrighteous thoughts, motives to Jesus. My “I will” conviction will be strengthened through repentance, recognizing my sin, confessing them to Jesus and constantly choosing to surrender to carefully living a blameless life.

I am fully aware of my need for Jesus’ love and mercy - to fill my heart with His presence to lead a blameless life. I also realize that the character of the justice and love of God has much to do with my ability to even choose to say... “I will!”
Dearest Daddie God.

For me to live a blameless life with a blameless heart is to acknowlege Your unconditional love and brave justice. You will call me to action, call me to accountability and to lead a bold and blameless life. But here goes..... I REALLY NEED YOUR LOVE and a nice revelation dose of the Righteousness of God!

Devotions for May 19

1 Kings 4,5
2 Chronicles 2
Psalms 101
2 Thessalonians 3

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