Drawing Closer To God

Richard Waialeale

Psalms 119:15 (NIV)
15 I meditate on your precepts and consider your ways.

Psalm 119 is mostly a collection of prayers and meditations on the Word of God. The psalmist writes that we can clean up our conduct by obeying what the Word of God instructs us to do. During this time and culture, meditation was a tradition that came natural for these Middle Easterners. In the Old Testament times, this was their way of drawing closer to God (meditation) and obeying Him. When Jesus came along, he says the two most important commandments are to love God and love people. Do this and we will be valuing God and obeying Him. Because meditation is unusual for American people (although, it’s not like I cannot learn), how can I do this?

Jesus said, The most important thing that you or I can do with our lives is love God. And He said do it with 100% of yourself.
Why and How is that?
When I love God with 100%, I get 100% of His love back.
When I decide to love Him with my 100% -- with my all -- the incredible thing that happens is, He loves me back with His all - that is how I can draw closer to God. He gives me the resources to love everybody else in my life.

So Jesus says, Here's how to value relationship with God. Go All In 100%. Love Him with your all. And then watch what happens.

"Love Him with all your heart." -- That's feeling, our emotions. Jesus says, Love Him with everything you feel.

"Love Him with all your mind." -- That's thinking. Jesus says, Love God with your thoughts.

"Love Him with all your soul." -- That's being. That's who you are on the inside, personality. Love God with your whole personality.

"Love Him with all your strength." -- That's doing. Love Him with the things that you do.

Which one is more important? They all are. Jesus said love God with all of all of them. Sometimes my mind leads my heart. Sometimes my heart leads my mind. That's why I need to love God with all of all four of these.

When you love God with your all, you're loving Him like no one else can. Love God uniquely. Love Him with your God given personality. 
Jesus, thank You that you love us. I thank You that You love us so clearly we don't have to guess at it. You have given us the ability to grow in our relationship with you by following the two most important commandments, to love you and love each other. Help me Lord I pray to draw closer to you - Amen.

Devotions for December 05

Ephesians 5,6
Psalms 119:1-80

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