Rod or God Conviction

Rod Shimabukuro

But be on guard; I have told you all things beforehand. (Mark 13:23)
In a private conversation with 4 of His disciples, Jesus reveals some pretty gruesome, shocking news. The world is coming to an end, there are evil, false leaders that will deceive and persecute you, family members will turn against each other, you will be hated - but be on guard, stay awake, be alert - because I am coming back.

We are all forewarned to be alert, keeping our spiritual hearts and eyes keenly aware and watchful of the imitators and false teachers.
As a parent, I can teach, guide, remind, warn my children of ensuing dangers in life, but unless they heed my voice and counsel, they will be injured.

God is warning me, to be attentive to things happening around the world, in our state, even in the religious world where people are being led astray. There are disillusioned ideas and decisions being made that detour the hearts and minds of people - AWAY FROM TRUTH - AWAY FROM JESUS.

Specifically, I am battling some views that are "gray" in the Scripture, that the enemy would love for me to divide relationships. I need to be careful of Rod-convictions that are not God-convictions. Rod convictions can lead people astray. God convictions will lead people toward truth, repentance and freedom in Jesus!
Thanks for Your warning Spirit of God. Help me to guard my relationships and heart, to not divide over what I see as truth for me, but may not be truth to live by for others. In these last days, help me to be a teacher of Your truth, not my convictions. I love You and NEED YOUR SPIRIT's conviction!

Devotions for March 06

Deuteronomy 3,4
Psalms 36
Mark 13

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