Defining Moment

Marcus Sanders

"And Samuel grew, and the LORD was with him and let none of his words fall to the ground." (1 Samuel 3:19)
Samuel came to a defining moment in his life. As a boy working with Eli he was physically growing taller, stronger, and religiously smarter. He knew the entire religious the dos and don'ts, he knew where things belonged in the tent but he didn't know the God of his religion. Samuel had the DNA of serving God but didn't have the relationship with God until the moment when he heard the voice of God for himself. It was at this point that his life was never the same. He wasn't copying another man's life in serving God; he established his own relationship with God. Samuels was growing spiritually in the knowledge and wisdom of God. God endorsed his life in that the leaders and the people could trust his words as if God was speaking.
The greatest defining moment my life was the day I started to walk with God. This was the course change of my life that moved me from following others to following God. Life can be filled with the "going through the motions" mentality. In my younger years I grew physically but much of what I did was going through the motions of expectations of the dos and don'ts, the expectations of my parents and teachers. I was growing mechanically in moving with lack of interest or involvement. Then I had an encounter with Jesus and life came together to mean more than "going through the motions." My defining moment was when I started to walk with the Lord.I've been walking with the Lord for 33 years and recently a Pastor of a church. I cannot over emphasize the importance of knowing God through a relationship versus a religion. If I may, remember the young man Samuel, who came to a defining moment that changed his life. The whole purpose of life is to live in step with God. God endorses those who seek Him and will not let their words fall to the ground.
Thank you Father for making me alive to Your Spirit. I am still a work under construction. I am growing in my walk with You. Continue to teach me Your ways.

Devotions for April 08

1 Samuel 3,4,5
Psalm 77
2 Corinthians 8

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