The Lord Is In Need Of It

Richard Waialeale

Mark 11:3 (NIV) 3 If anyone asks you, 'Why are you doing this?' tell him, 'The Lord needs it and will send it back here shortly.'"
In times of peace, the king would ride a colt to symbolize that peace prevailed. So, for Jesus to ride into Jerusalem on a colt is to declare that He is a King proclaiming peace. I’m not sure if this whole scene was prearranged or as Zechariah had prophesied, this was of God. What I do know is, what we presumably consider now Palm Sunday (the week before Easter), is a big deal, and what I do know is this is the time the people need to know. Why did Jesus do this? The fact they waved palm branches showed that they didn’t understand, they were showing that they expected Jesus to be another warlord another general of the armies one who would lead them to overthrow the Romans. They were saying that they were ready to pick up their swords & shields & go to war if He would lead them!
What Jesus was actually saying, "I didn’t come for that purpose. I came to show you a more excellent way. I came to show you the way of love." The Lord is in need of it simply to show us the Love of Jesus.
The lesson for me is when I want to be more like Jesus, I need to simply show the love of Jesus, the Lord is in need of this. The one huge example is when Palm Sunday comes around, and then Easter - it’s a special time, a time of how much Jesus loves us. If there’s anything the Lord is in need of - it’s my love to those He places around me. It’s got to start somewhere, and it might as well be with me. By doing that, I am never more in the image of Christ.
Lord thank you for teaching me to love as You loved us. Amen.

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Numbers 34,35,36
Mark 11

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